#clothdiaperbloghop How to convert a friend to cloth

#clothdiaperbloghop How to convert a friend to cloth

It’s that time of week again for Cloth Diaper 101 hosted by Julie over at My Cloth Diaper Stash
This weeks topic:  How to convert a friend to cloth.
I wish I could say proudly that I have converted many people to cloth diapers, but I haven’t.  I can actually only think of one person that I have converted to cloth diapers.  It was remarkably easy!  She saw all of Maggie’s cute little diapers, and we talked about it a few times and she mentioned that it didn’t seem worth the cost for her when her son was 2 already.  Can’t say I disagree, but guess what, I offered up some of our diapers, and she said yes!  Now, that little dude is potty trained, but hey, every little bit helps, right?  
I had another friend that tried them on the trial package from the local cloth diaper store.  It didn’t work out for them and the owner of the store had no idea how to process the money back because nobody had ever done it!  I thought that was pretty funny.  
I know there are a few other friends of mine that I have offered up some diapers to, but they haven’t picked them up yet, so we will see.  
I don’t try all that hard to convert people, but I answer their questions about them right away and always offer up some diapers for them to check out.  I love when people see them and comment on their cuteness level, because it gives me a reason to talk about them, hehe.  Now, even John tries to convert people to cloth because he loves how much we save.  We have been super duper broke for a few months and it’s nice not having to buy diapers for 2 kids when we don’t have the extra money.  
I actually try to have different styles of diapers with me when we go out so that if somebody asks, I have lots of different examples.  I like for people to see how easy they can be and how similar to disposables they are, yet so much better! 
 Have you converted friends to cloth diapers?  How did you convince them?
Want to hear how others converted people to cloth diapers?  Be sure to hop around to the other blogs on the linky. 

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  • I don’t think that cloth diapering is for everyone so I don’t push people to try it. I give them the information I know and show them my diapers if the want to see them but that’s it. I was somewhat pressured to do cloth (which is weird because I’m not normally swayed by others!). I think I sort of wanted to try but I wasn’t 100% into it. I didn’t know about trials back then
    🙁 I probably would have returned my rentals! I do it now because I have the diapers so it would be wasteful not to use them. I do prefer cloth to many brands of diapers but my favorite brand is on par with cloth as far as my feelings go.

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