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Julie over at My Cloth Diaper Stash started Cloth Diaper 101 – a great way for some knowledgeable bloggers to share information about something we love – Cloth Diapers!  
Each week, I will be linking up a post as part of the #ClothDiaperBlogHop.  This weeks topic:  My favorite cloth diapers and why.
Cloth Diaper Blog Hop 2013

Well, to answer the question of my favorite cloth diapers, the answer changes. When Maggie was a baby, Fuzzibunz were my favorites.  I love how trim they are.

They, I got on this Itti Bitti kick.  Seriously, I own all of the colors and prints from 2 seasons ago.  Love them!  Right now, those are probably my favorite diapers for her because she can feel the wet right away and we are working on potty training.  Plus, they are trim diapers and you can adjust the inserts pretty easily. 

For Charlie, my favorite diapers hands down are fitted’s.  However, once again, FuzziBunz are some of my favorite, or at least they were when he was smaller.  They easily fit underneath his little man jeans when many of the diapers were too bulky.  I still love them for Charlie, but they aren’t absorbent enough for him anymore.  I also will only use Fuzzibunz on one kid at a time because they aren’t quite as easy to adjust the sizes.

What fitted’s are my favorites?  Good question, pretty much all of them.  Sustainablebabyish is my favorite for overnights.  I love our Cheeky Cloth fitted.  As a newborn, our Patty Pants fitted’s were my favorite. I also love her one size fitted diapers for overnight. Our EarthLINGZ definitely has to make the list of favorites, especially because it isn’t so bulky and he can wear it a long time during the day without a cover.

Those are my favorites.  At least my favorites that I can think of right now.

What are your favorite diapers?  

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  • I just switched to cloth diapering last week! I am creating my stash and trying out a few types and brands to figure out what works best. I have been looking for good fitted diapers for when I cannot deal with all of the bulk from some other brands. The EarthLINGZ sounds like it may be a good one for what I am looking for!

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