Cold and Flu Bomb

Thankfully the cold and flu season is  halfway over already.  I wanted to share this cold and flu recipe with you.  Hopefully, if you do get hit with something, this can help you get back in the game quickly.  When using in a diffuser, you can cut back the amount of drops you are using of each oil.  What essential oils are good for cold or flu symptoms


If you are sick of being sick and are ready to get started on your oil journey, you can find more information on how to order essential oils here.  You can also visit our essential oils page for more ways to use your oils.


What oils do you use to combat colds or flu?


This information has not been evaluated by the FDA.  Always do your own research before using essential oils.  This site does not prescribe medical advice, only sharing information we have found helpful in our daily life.  

8 thoughts on “Cold and Flu Bomb

  1. So great to have on hand with the season right around the corner!! I will definitely make sure to make and have them available in case we need them!

  2. I have never really heard of Melaleuca Alternifolia before. But being the cold and flu season now , this would be good to know about . thanks

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