Comparison of Lillebaby Airflow and Organic carriers{+ Summer Babywearing Basics}

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As you may know, I love baby wearing and still will often wear one of the kids when we are shopping.  It seems to be the only surefire way to really keep Charlie out of trouble in the store.  You may remember this post from last year when I reviewed the Lillebaby Airflow baby carrier.  Almost instantly, Lillebaby became one of my favorite baby carriers.  Aside from being a wonderfully made, high quality carrier, the customer service and care you get with Lillebaby is phenomenal.


I was thrilled to be able to review the Lillebaby organic baby carrier as well, and fell in love instantly with the lush, comfortable feel of this carrier.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t want a Lillebaby carrier in every single print and color.  I love them that much.  Today, I want to share some summer babywearing basics as well as compare the two carriers for you.

Summer Babywearing Basics



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While the main features of the Lillebaby COMPLETE Airflow and the Lillebaby COMPLETE Organic carriers are the same, the difference between the two carriers is the material they are made from.  The Airflow is made with a lightweight, breathable, 3D mesh allowing for maximum airflow while you are wearing baby.  The Organic carrier is made with 100% brushed organic cotton that is so incredibly soft {did I mention that already?}.

 Lillebaby Airflow Lillebaby Organic

Since I have received multiple emails from readers asking the difference, or whether I really felt like the Airflow was cooler during the summer, I wanted to do a little experiment.  First off, yes, I do feel as though the Airflow is cooler, even if it isn’t so luxuriously soft like the Organic.  To make this as scientific as possible, we went out during the hot summer day.  On this day in particular, the weather was 84 degrees fahrenheit.  I wore Maggie for 10 minutes in the Lillebaby COMPLETE Organic carrier and then took the temperature  between her and the back of the carrier.  I then took a 10 minute break.  Then, I wore Maggie for 10 minutes in the Lillebaby COMPLETE Airflow carrier and then took the temperature between her and the back of the carrier.  You can discover the difference below.

 Lillebaby Organic and Airflow Comparison

Outside:  Organic Carrier with the sun beating on our backs, temperature 106.2.  Airflow Carrier with the sun beating on our backs, temperature 102.5.  As you can see, there was quite a difference in temperature.  The numbers seemed very surprising to me, but as I said, we were in the direct sun the entire time.  I know that I can tell a difference when wearing the carriers, especially when I pull them out of it and their back isn’t all wet and sweaty from the Airflow.  It does still happen, but their back usually isn’t soaked in sweat from being in the carrier.


If you are looking at investing in a Lillebaby COMPLETE carrier, you will love whichever one you choose.  If you asked me to choose a favorite, I’m not sure that I could do that, I love them both so much!  I really hope that this information helps to answer any questions you have about whether the Airflow is cooler or not.  Happy baby wearing!


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What Lillebaby Carrier is your favorite?


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