Conversations with God

I spend plenty of time every day praying with Maggie and Charlie. I love hearing their prayers and what they are thankful for. Often times, Maggie breaks out in song as she is praying because what she is thankful for has reminded her of something else. Even at bedtime, hearing her prayers always amazes me. From the start, I’ve wanted them to know that God is always there for them and that they can always talk to God, whenever and wherever.

Conversations with GodThere have been many conversations with them about how when our heart is feeling sad, we can just talk to God and ask him to put happy feelings into our heart. If she knows somebody is hurting, or she is just thinking about somebody, she will pray for them. A lot. I’ve wanted prayers to be meaningful to them. I want them to feel like God is their friend, and as we were praying one day, I realized that her prayers really are conversations with God. I’ve learned not to interrupt and ask if she is done praying just because she pauses. She will pray for what she needs to pray for, and then let Charlie know it is his turn.


At dinner one night, after spending most of the day with some friends, she said, “Thank you God for Hallie. She is really important to me and I know she is my friend.” It was such a beautiful prayer to hear her say because she means it wholeheartedly.


I can’t wait to hear more of her conversations with God. ¬†She is such a beautiful little girl, inside and out and I’m so glad I get to be her mommy.

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