Finally – the kids Cook It! with My Very Own Chef Set

We all know that dinner time can sometimes be called the witching hour.  Everybody is crabby, wants mom, and mom just needs to cook dinner.  Since having Maggie, I’ve pretty much had a dinner helped of some sort every day.  Whether they were teeny and in the wrap or carrier, or they are bigger and pulling up a chair to help chop veggies or some other task that they are bound to love!  While this is fun, it isn’t always helpful, or even practical.

Cook It!  My Very Own Chef Set

That’s why I love having their play kitchen out by the kitchen.  They are close enough that they don’t feel they have to run out and try to gouge my legs to get up, but they are still busy enough that I can get dinner ready.  When we got the Cook It!  My Very Own Chef set from Learning Resources for review, I knew they would be in love!  We have some foods on a very regular basis, and spaghetti is one of them, mostly because it is so delicious {read:  I am a gourmet chef because I add fresh veggies to my jarred sauce, ha!}.  Maggie likes to copy me and try to cook whatever I am, and Charlie, well, he copies her.  Now, they have their own pots and strainer to make spaghetti with me, all without them being anywhere near the hot oven.

Cook It!  My Very Own Chef SetCook It!  My Very Own Chef Set

I love pretty much every single thing that Learning Resources has.  Earlier this year, we reviewed the bushel of veggies and now, they cook them in the pots.  They really love the two spoons that come with the pans, they can stir their food just like me.  The pans have such fun colors that the kids love.  They have soft, rubberized parts so even when Charlie bangs them on the walls, the floors, whatever, there is at least a little protection.  The easy to grip handles are just perfect for their small hands to hold onto, and the lid even has a spot for their finger to make it easy to lift.  The Cook It set comes with a pan, strainer, pot, lid, slotted spoon and serving spoon.  The lid fits both of the pans, and the pieces can all be stacked together for storage.  To keep from losing the spoons, we just tuck them into each of the handles.  Because they are toddlers, and they will put these in their mouth, they are dishwasher safe for easy clean up {the real dishwasher even}, but the smooth surface makes it easy to hand wash them as well.

Cook It!  My Very OWn Chef Set Cook It!  My Very Own Chef Set

The Cook It set will definitely last through the fun my kids will put it through!  Yet another Learning Resources product that I love!  You can buy your own here, or, enter to win one here.


What Learning Resources toys would you love to have for your kids?

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