Cooking with Kids: Chop Chop Cooking Challenges

Cooking with Kids: A Weekly SeriesWe all know that kids can learn a lot from helping out in the kitchen, right?!  These guys love to help me out with all sorts of tasks in the kitchen, and I love to challenge them.  When I heard about this FREE website full of cooking challenges for kids, I was stoked!  These challenges are designed just for the kids, and the tasks get tougher as they go.  It’s a great introduction to different kitchen tools, plus, they love to eat their own creations – can you see how excited they are about it?  As kids complete a challenge, they earn badges to show off their mad skills.  Each challenge comes with how to tips, shopping / storage tips, fun activities and some conversation starters.  Most kids in the Chop Chop  Cooking Club will be ages 5-12, but any age is welcome.  To make it even more exciting, each month there is a giveaway for some awesome kitchen products.


The first challenge was a tasty one – Berry Bold Banana Smoothie.  Not only was it fresh ingredients, but they got to use the blender which they always love to do!  Be sure to snap a photo of your kids trying their new creations out.  Then, go to the website, leave your comments with a picture of your kids with their tasty treats and that’s it!  Badge earned.  Cooking with Kids


Would your kids love having their own cooking challenge where they can earn badges?  We call this cooking class 🙂


Be sure to check out the rest of the Cooking with Kids series.  To be a guest contributor for our weekly series, fill out this form.  

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