Cooking with Kids : A New Weekly Series Seeking Guest Writers – That’s You!

I’m great at ideas.  I have a ton of things I want to write about.  I just don’t have a ton of time.  Anyways, for quite awhile now I have been thinking about starting a new series called cooking with kids.  My three year old loves to cook and help me in the kitchen, even if it is just washing dishes.  I’m hoping this series will be tips for helping kids cook, types of jobs they can help with in the kitchen, and even meals that are easy for them to make.

Cooking with Kids: A Weekly Series

To start with, let me introduce my little helpers in case you are new around here.  Meet Maggie, my five year old little singer.

Meet Maggie

Meet Charlie, my three year old, always wanting to help in the kitchen guy.

Meet Charlie

Meet Henry, my 16 month old little hambone who just wants to eat everything in the kitchen.

Meet Henry

During any meal you can likely find at least one of these guys out there with a stool or chair helping with something.  While I have a ton of ideas on what I want to share with you guys over the course of this {hopefully} weekly series, I am hoping that some of you, my dear readers, as well as some of my blogging buddies will want to contribute.  You can fill out the form below to be a guest writer on my site.  Even if you don’t write a blog, you can still share your knowledge of cooking with kids.  I’m so excited about it and I can’t wait to hear what you all have to share.

This week is just an introduction.  Now it’s your turn, I’d love to hear how young your little helpers are, as well as any specific thoughts, ideas or topics you may have.

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