Cool Gear Snack Time and Cool Zooey *Review*

My daughter LOVES to drink milk! Most of the time, if given the choice, she chooses milk over water.  That is great, but in the summer, we can’t really take a cup of milk with us because it will go bad so fast.  Well, I found a few travel cups that will allow us to take some milk with during the summer.  Where?  Cool Gear! 

Cool Gear International strives to provide innovative products that revolutionize “green” living by eliminating disposable plastic bottle waste while encouraging a healthier and happier you.  Through their patented technology, they provide products for food and drink for the on the go lifestyle.  Each product has a sleek design that lets your individuality show through with its unique color and graphics. 
In 1986, they began revolutionizing modern food and drink products. They are a leader in the industry for their patented freezer gel technology and unique, colorful product lines.  They have a 100 % satisfaction guarantee.

When my two products showed up, I was excited for Maggie to try them out.  She always wants a sippy and a snack, so I knew these would get a ton of use.  On the go definitely describes our lifestyle!  We live in the sticks and it’s pretty much a 45 minutes drive to go anywhere, so when we go, it’s never a quick trip.

The first item we received was a pink Cool Zooey Flip Top 12.5 oz water bottle.

This bottle comes in four fun colors along with 4 different fun character designs (get it…zooey).  The bottle is made from a squeezable material with a molded grip just perfect for those little hands and is BPA free.

 It has a flip top straw cap where the characters face is.  Best of all – it has a non toxic gel filled freezer stick to help keep drinks cold.  There is kind of a beveled design at the top and bottom of the cup.  And, you can wash it in the dishwasher on the top shelf.  This bottle is rated for 5 and up, and my daughter is only 2 but was able to use this cup easily.  The only thing she had problems with was flipping the top open.  It does flip kind of hard if you are 2, but if you are older than that (especially by age 5) it is plenty easy.  Just yesterday, Maggie decided that this is the only cup that she wants to use because of the cute animal face on it.  I am pretty strict on washing her cups every day even though she only uses it when we go somewhere or at night in bed and some days the cup doesn’t get used much, but I still wash it.  Which leads me to another thing I really like about this water bottle.  It comes apart really quickly and easily.  The parts all come apart to make it easy to get all of the pieces clean.  The straw piece inside the cup even comes apart into two pieces to be sure it gets extra clean.  Because it all comes apart, you can stick only the freezer stick into the freezer and just attach it to the cup when you are ready.

The freezer stick does take up some space in the cup, so now that it is getting colder out, we can just keep the stick in the freezer until we need it again and we can give her a fuller cup.  The only downside I can find to this cup is that the straw that is attached at the top where they drink is hard to clean – and that is a downside to any straw cup, so nothing that is a problem with this one.  But…if you have the magic trick to getting that part clean – please leave me a comment!  We used this cup a ton during the summer because we are always on the go.  She wants milk and finally I could let her have milk when we left the house because I knew it would stay cold for a few hours.  Plus, it is different than the cup every one of her friends have, so there is no trying to figure out which cup is hers or not because she has the cool cup!  I love that when closed, this cup doesn’t leak at all!  If it is open, it does leak if left upside down. 

The second item I received was the pink Snack Time cup and snack container.

The Snack Time is also available in four different colors.

The Snack Time is a flip top sipper cup with a twist off snack container.  It is BPA free and the cup is made with non toxic gel to keep your drinks cold.  Whether you have the snack cup attached or not, you can still keep your snack fresh.  The snack cup twists off upside down with a removable cover on the bottom.  This is a great addition to a lunch for school.  Because it is a sipper cup, it is really easy for the little ones to drink out of.  As with the Cool Zooey, if left upside down, the cup will leak very slowly – like a slow drip.  When closed, it doesn’t leak at all, even laid on it’s side.  The Snack Time is also designed to keep your beverages cold.  Simply place the entire cup into the freezer.  The gel surrounds the cup.  This cup was a little bigger around for Maggie to hold, but again, she is only 2, and she’s tiny.  She still uses this cup though and loves having her snack connected to the bottom.  She will sit and twist the snack container on and off, on and off.

There is a ruler like pattern around the top of the cup, bottom of the snack cup, and a rubber band that looks the same around where the two containers connect.  I do wish the rubber part was permanently connected to the cup because Maggie seems to lose it every once in awhile.  However, having it come off allows for easy cleaning which I think is important.  This cup and snack container are hand wash only.  John didn’t know that and washed the cup in the dishwasher (remember, it is gel filled); and it didn’t ruin the cup or the gel after one use, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend doing so.  Because the entire cup goes in the freezer, if you are using it right away, those tiny hands could get cold – although for us, it seemed to cool her down a little and she liked that!  The straw that you sip from is harder than the soft straw of the Cool Zooey.  This would be a great cup / snack holder for any kiddo – or adult!

I am really happy with both of these products.  If these don’t sound like the right products for you – check out their website.  There is sure to be some fun, new product that is just right for you and your family.  There aren’t just kid friendly products – they have some fantastic options for water bottles for adults, including water filtration bottles – I need to get one of these!  If you work outside of the home and like to take a lunch, or send a lunch to school with the kids, be sure to check out the selection of affordable lunch containers

If you are looking for some on the go options, try some of the great products at Cool Gear International.  You will not be disappointed! 

*Disclosure:  I received one or more of the above products from Cool Gear for the purpose of this review.  All opinions above are 100 % my own and only influenced by my experience with the company and the product.*


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