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CrossWired Science is an online homeschool science curriculum for the whole family.Science has always been one of my favorite areas to teach my kids because they are already learning and exploring it on their own most of the time. I mean, I basically feel like my job in life is to clean up one science experiment after another all in the name of education. Today we are talking about a new science curriculum from CrossWired Science.  {Save $5 by using code earth28 at checkout}CrossWired Science is an online homeschool science curriculum for the whole family.

This isn’t your average science program. There are currently two global topics as part of the program – Sound, and Fluid Dynamics. The first question to address is the ages the program is designed for. The great part is that it’s for just about anyone with an interest in science. Each global topic contains 29 different lessons on the subject. It is designed to be used over and over as you learn and dig deeper. Once you sign up, you will see a first-timers and second-timers option. The questions for the material is on two different levels to challenge your kids when they go through the topics a second time.CrossWired Science is an online homeschool science curriculum for the whole family.

Each global topic has many different science areas covered. Fluid Dynamics will cover aerodynamics, Fin Types and Swim Patters, Shark Denticles and SO SO SO many more. Within each global topic, your child can explore core videos, fill in the blank worksheets, field trips, experiments, research, devotions, books and a ton more. If you look on the parent section of the website – you can download and print a calendar to give you more input on what you do when – however – CrossWired Science is made to be customized to meet the needs of your family.CrossWired Science is an online homeschool science curriculum for the whole family.

Now – here is a bit about how we are using the CrossWired Science. We log in 3-5 times a week. By we – I mean my daughter mainly. She is actively working through the Fluid Dynamics topic but when we watch the core videos, we all gather round. We often watch through it twice in a row and then do the quiz. I listen and help if they ask, but they discuss what they think the answer is and then choose their answer. Then at the end, they can see their quiz results. Now – the one thing my kids really wish they could do is to retake the quiz. My daughter is a perfectionist when it comes to her school work, so anything less than a perfect score and she wants to redo it.CrossWired Science is an online homeschool science curriculum for the whole family.

After watching the videos – your child can complete some printable worksheets. We tend to just discuss them together and so far haven’t actually filled out the worksheets. I love how CrossWired Science encompasses all ways of learning. Many of the topics are about animals in some way which always leads to a discussion on whether there is a Wild Kratts episode we need to watch about that animals – ha! We have a ton of fun discovering new books about the topics and reading them together to learn more and dig deeper on each topic.CrossWired Science is an online homeschool science curriculum for the whole family.

We are currently in the middle of a fun research project. Maggie is working on a display board about Fins and Swim Patterns. One of the ideas in the experiments was to make a flat model 3D display so that is what she has been working on for the last day. I recently discovered that she doesn’t view this type of thing as learning/schoolwork so I’m going to roll with that idea. She has the freedom to do this however she would like. She is drawing pictures of information she discovers in some of the books we are reading. Then she writes a few sentences about it or definitions. I’m super excited to see how the final product looks. I love how under the research sections, they explain the goal of the research. I can’t wait until she finishes it – I’ll add the picture in when she gets it completed.CrossWired Science is an online homeschool science curriculum for the whole family.

On the sidebar, you can see the progress your child is making in the course and what they still have left to do. This way you and your child can see what they have left to complete. As you go through the lessons – your child can make notes by clicking on the note button on the bottom of the screen.

My daughter – and the boys – seem to really enjoy CrossWired Science. My daughter likes the freedom to dig deeper into whatever she learns that is exciting or interesting to her. I love that the kids can do the same work, yet answer questions or do research related to the different levels that they are on. I know Charlie will love it when he starts using his own account instead of trying to answer Maggie’s questions for her. The different activities – the videos, research, worksheets, books, field trips, etc. all reinforce what we are learning about. Because we aren’t just focusing on a workbook, the kids stay interested and want to keep learning. While I know this is kind of a beta test right now and they are continuously working on the website to get it perfect – I think this will really take off as a fun way to learn science.

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