Day 11 #30 things Stop doing that!!!

Today’s post is about my ten pet peeves.  I am not even sure if I have ten, but we shall see.  
1.  Shut the cupboard doors.  I seriously hate cupboards being left open.  You  know how some houses have that door that opens just a tad bit, I can’t stand it.  In fact, my family use to open a few when I left the room, or just leave one open on purpose to see how long it would take before I had to say something or go close it.
2.  When people say Oh my God.  I hate that…in fact, I don’t even like typing it.  This was ingrained in me when I was younger by the neighbors.  Just say oh my gosh or goodness.  Please!
3.  Misspelled words.  Seriously.  Hate it.  I have a hard time reading a text from John because he is such a bad speller!  Think sher instead of sure.  Makes me crazy.
4. Lying!

5.  People that don’t have their own opinion.  That change it based on who is talking.  Stand for something people!

6.  When people are sitting together at a restaurant or wherever and sit on their smartphones the whole time ignoring each other…especially when they have little kids and pay no attention to them.

7. People that just plain sit on their tushes and watch other people work.

8.  People who push for kids to be put on medicine for ADHD so they sit still and make life easier for the teachers…..I knew a teacher that did this a few years back and it just isn’t right!

9.  Super loud music.

10.  Negativity!!!

Okay, this is sort of my list of pet peeves, although it was tricky for me to write.  What are your biggest pet peeves?

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