Day 12 #30things A day in the life …..

A day in my life begins…..when Maggie wakes up.  This could be anywhere from 5:30 to 8:00.  Then, I lay in bed while she jabbers and plays in her room or ours, and pretend I can actually get more sleep.  Yeah right!  *Change diapers*
A quick shower hoping she doesn’t get in Charlie’s face too much.  Get ready and head downstairs for breakfast.  {No doubt, Maggie has been telling me over and over how she wants to “go downstairs and have a snack}.  Eat.  Clean up from breakfast.  Then it’s play time for awhile.  Generally, by the time breakfast is done, Charlie is ready to nurse and go to sleep.  If he stays asleep and I can lay him down without Maggie waking him up immediately, I either get some quality time with my sweet girl or I get some cleaning done.  I really like the quality time.  I don’t like the cleaning.  *Change diapers* I’m pretty sure somewhere during this time is another round of diapers, at least for Charlie, even though mostly he is just going on the potty, we have to do that a lot.  Start a load of laundry.
If we don’t have a play group then we get outside in the morning for at least a little bit. {Not lately, but generally we end up going somewhere in the morning.}
Around 11:30 we have lunch.  Clean up from lunch.  Nurse Charlie man.  Then we play, read stories, dance, whatever for a little while.  Clean up the floor and vacuum.  1ish means time for the little Miss to take a nap.  *Change diapers*  Sit in the bed and read 3 stories while Charlie tries to eat the books and yell at me because he decides he’s ready to nurse.  Get Maggie covered up, kiss and hug her, leave room to get Charlie to sleep.  Go back in because Maggie is persistent and she “fell down” {off her pillow, her blanket slipped, whatever the case may be}.  Kiss and hug her again.  
Nurse and snuggle the Charlie man.  Blog!  Yes, I do get to do this most of the time.  Charlie lays in my lap nursing then sleeping and I type away to all of you lovelies.  
2ish, get Charlie laid down possibly in his bouncy seat because Maggie has woke up again and needs to go back to sleep.  (sometimes she sleeps right through this spot, but not too often).  Go up, tuck her back in and kiss and hug her again.  Back downstairs, try to blog again.  Charlie is probably awake by now.  By 2:30 at the latest, Maggie is awake.  She walks out and says…Mama, I wake up.  If she is chatty then she slept long enough.  If she is whiny, the rest of the day may be rough. Hopefully I have got to have a conversation with one of my good friends during this time.  
If by any chance Charlie was sleeping, rest assured, Maggie will put a stop to that almost immediately.  That’s okay.  *Change diapers* Snack time.  Nurse Charlie.  Outside time {Yay}.
Come back in, depending on how long it took to get bundled and outside, it may already be time to make dinner.  Otherwise, more play time and probably a dance party.  Or at least song time again.
By now, it’s probably 4:30 or 5.  Guess what that means?  *Change diapers*  Get dinner done, eat.  Clean up dishes.  Play. Maybe nurse Charlie.  Depends on how he is feeling.  He may eat and take a short nap.
Every other night is bath night.  Otherwise, extra play time, maybe play the piano.  Or an art project.  
If Maggie asks, another snack quickly.  7ish is time to get ready for bed.  *Change diapers* Pajamas.  Story time.  Snuggles and bed for Maggie.  
Downstairs to get Charlie into jammies and nurse and sleep.   Start diaper laundry.
Clean up some more and blog.  and blog.  and blog.  And do some of this stuff I do for a living…real estate. I guess I should pay some bills now too.  Charlie will most likely wake up at least 3 times between now and when I am ready for bed.  
Bedtime for mama.  Usually around midnight, sometimes later.  Change Charlie before crawling into bed.  By the time I am just about to sleep, Maggie will most likely wake up.  Sometimes she sleeps through the night.  Usually she’s up around this time.  Generally she goes back to sleep as soon as she snuggles up to me in bed.  Sometimes she decides it’s a pow wow and wakes up Charlie.  I dislike that.  When she wakes up, change her diaper. 
*Aside from the diaper changes, I put Charlie on the potty as often as I can.  I try to get him there every 1-2 hours throughout the day*
That’s my day.  Am I forgetting anything?  Probably because it’s nearing that midnight bedtime and this mama is tired.  
So, what’s your day like?  Does it feel like wash, rinse, repeat for you?  Don’t get me wrong, I love my days, but when I type it out, it’s not that exciting.  

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