Day 14 #30things Strengths and weaknesses

I can say for a fact, my strengths and weaknesses have changed a lot throughout my life.  
My strengths:
1.  I have a ton of patience!!!
2.  I am really awesome with kids.
3.  I don’t worry about things I can’t change.
4.  I am a fast learner.
5.  I make friends easily.
My weaknesses:
1.  I hate making decisions.  This use to be a strength of mine.  Things have changed.
2.  I expect a lot from people.
3.  I don’t like change.
4.  I have a bad habit of waiting until the last minute.
5.  I often forget about things in other peoples lives and don’t ask about them.  Unintentional.  I think about them, but forget when I am talking to them.

Those are my lists.  What’s on your list of strengths and weaknesses?

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