Day 16 #30things My 5 Greatest Accomplishments

My 5 Greatest Accomplishments.  When I sit down to type this.  I can’t think of a thing.  
1.  My kids.  They are still works in progress and I can’t wait to see who I helped to mold.
2.  My college degree.  I love having them.  I worked very hard for them and spent many sleepless nights to get them.
3.  The scrapbooks I have actually finished.  Someday, I will actually start both of my kids’ books.
4.  Selling my very first house as a real estate agent.  I worked so hard on that one and wasn’t quite sure what I was doing yet.  I was so proud of it.  
5.  My blog.  Did you think I would forget to add that in?  I haven’t had my blog that long…not quite a year that I have actually been blogging regularly.  
Those are the 5 that I can think of.  I imagine that there are bigger accomplishments, but I honestly can’t think of anything else right now.  
What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?  Or even one of them, come on, spill the beans. 

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