Day 21 #30things My relationship with my parents

Well, if you have been following along with these #30things posts, you know my parents died when I was 15.  And if you read yesterdays, you already know that I don’t remember a whole lot from growing up.  
So, what is/was my relationship with my parents like?  I guess I would say it was pretty good.  I don’t remember it being bad.  I remember always going to sleep in their room until they got home just to be sure they made it home safely.  I remember that they took part in our activities like softball and bowling.  They were definitely active in our lives, and that’s a great thing.  Plus, my friends were over a lot.  
Yep, I’d have to say it was pretty good.  Wish I could remember more details, but I can’t.  
What was your relationship with your parents like? 

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