Day 26 #30things People have the wrong idea

Today’s question – what popular notion do people have most wrong?  I”m not sure I have a good answer.  To be honest, I can’t really think of anything except this, and I”m not sure how exactly to phrase it. 

I think that “we” as a society, we push our kids too hard too young.  I understand wanting your children to be successful at whatever they do, but when young kids join sports, they are sometimes out until 9 o’clock on a school night and wake up tired for school the next day and unable to focus.  “We” want our children to be more independent younger and younger.  Even from day 1, “we” are told to lay our babies down in their own beds to sleep.  And to let them cry it out, and a million more things.  Feed them on a schedule, and more.  It’s like we want them to figure it all out for themselves right away.

To be honest, I fail at pretty much all of those things!  I “spoil” my kids so much.  I feed on demand, they sleep with me, I pretty much never let them cry it out.  If they cry, I give them a minute and then help them.  They still figure things out for themselves, but sometimes, all they want is mama. 

The other thing I can think of, which I know as a nation, we are still somewhat divided on is gun control.  I don’t think taking away guns is the answer.  In fact, we have guns.  Lots of them.  All locked up.  A few years ago, when I asked John why we had so many, he said, this way, when the government or somebody else tries to take over, at least we can protect ourselves.  If people plan to kill, they are going to do so one way or another.  You can take away the right to own guns, but do you really think the people that need them taken away are really going to give them up?  I don’t.  They aren’t really the law abiding type.  I’m all for stronger mandates on mental health screening beforehand though.  I like owning guns.  I’d really like my conceal and carry license.  But most of all, I love to shoot.  I don’t even hunt with a gun, just a bow, but I love to shoot.  And where we live, we can go out in our yard and shoot if we so choose.  I would hate to see our right to do so taken away because there are people out there that aren’t using them for good. 

Like John says, if they take away our right to bear arms, that makes us targets.  The bad guys will still have them, and we will no longer be able to protect us. 

That’s my piece.  Agree or disagree, either way, it’s alright with me.  We are after all, all entitled to our own opinion. 

What do you think is the notion that society has wrong? 


  • agree on both! we also own lots of guns and im also a bow hunting girl, and its our right to own them we do it legally and your right the ones who wont gie them up are the ones who shouldnt have them. But honestly hubby brought it up the other day, im accurate with my bow 25+ yard, but a handgun is only about 25 feet maybe…

    and i “spoil” my baby too he sleeps with us and got milk whenever he so disired, and now hes a great toddler who is very independant and it was done with love not crying

    • I use to wonder if Maggie would grow up to be independent, and then, as it turns out, she is very independent. And very social. She has great problem solving skills, but still comes to me for help if she needs it.

  • I think sometimes I get caught up in following the “rules” or “stages” of kids. Like, they should be walking at this time, they should be potty trained now or sleeping in their own bed. When in fact, it’s really what works best for me and my family. Not what works best for everyone else. As far as guns go, I don’t think taking them away is the answer. But those with guns, need to have them locked up. And I think many of those who have killed with guns, need mental help. I don’t think prescription drugs is always the answer either. I think prescription drugs have too many side effects that make the illness worse. I think nutrition and supplements are a big part in curing or changing illnesses. Great discussion!

    • Thanks for commenting MommyMandi. So many people don’t realize that they don’t have to go with the norm and get worried if their child doesn’t sleep through the night right away, walk by so many months, and more. I agree, many prescription drugs do have worse side effects than the illness itself.

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