Day 28 #30things Favorite quality in my spouse

Today’s challenge topic:  your favorite quality in your spouse.  Finally.  An easy one. 

John always goes out of his way to help other people.  If we are driving down the road and somebody is sitting on the side of the road, he will stop to check on them.  He will go open the door for people.  He always tries to be the nice guy that helps out. 

What is your favorite quality in your spouse?


  • Yay for men who are gentlemen! Hard to find them these days!
    This is actually a tough one for me to narrow down.
    I think my absolute favorite quality in him is his understanding and supposrtiveness of what I do. He really seems to appreciate my being a stay-at-home mom and wife. He helps out when I have a day where it looks like nothing got done and he makes sure I get evenings out with friends. He is pretty great.

  • That’s awesome that he appreciates your being a SAHM and wife. That is one I really wish John could appreciate all of the time instead of just once in awhile.

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