Day 6 of #30things I wish for….

Day 6 of #30things I wish for….

If I could have 3 things, what would I wish for? 

First off, the health and safety of my kiddos.  That is my first prayer every night and every day. 

Second, for John to find a job where he is home every day.  While we are having problems, it is definitely nice having him home to help every day.  Right now though, I’d be happy if he just got called back to work, we are so broke!!! 

Third, I bet you think I’m going to say money because of that last sentence, don’t you?  That’s not it.  I wish that my mom and dad were still alive.  I miss them like crazy even though they have been gone for almost 19 years.  Wishing I had this picture of my dads as well. 

I know there is other stuff that I should be wishing for, but I can’t even think of it right now. 

What about you?  What would you wish for if you only had 3 wishes?


  • 1- Health and safety for my family
    2- I wish I could have my baby son, Peter, back or that we could all be in heaven with him and his siblings that I lost early.
    3- That we had never moved back to CA from NV. We had a much better support system there and didn’t have to deal with the cray cray of our extended family. I love them but they’re much easier to love from a distance.

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