Dear Charlie, 2 months old

Dear Charlie, 2 months old

My sweet little man, I love you so much!  You are the most smiliest little person ever!  I love that all I have to do is look at you and smile, or even talk just a little and you get the biggest smiles.  And you don’t save them just for me, you give them to just about everybody who pays attention to you.  Including Maggie.  She loves to play peek a boo with you and talk to you.  She hands you toys, and if you don’t play with them, she puts them on your belly.  
You have your first cold 🙁  And it is a very bad one.  You cough so hard you throw up and I do not like this one bit.  But…you are still in such a great mood.  
You are starting to laugh when you are having conversations with me.  You also love your mobile on the crib – even though you are only in there when I take a shower because I love laying you in bed with me.  You play with your activity gym a lot and swat at the toys.  Then you just follow them when they move with your eyes.  
You are really strong and push with your legs all the time.  You can lift your head way up and hold it now.  
Today was your two month checkup.  You weigh 13 lbs 1.8 ounces and are 24 inches long.  You are growing so fast!  You practically skipped over 0-3 month old clothes.  You still wear some, but outfits don’t fit good because your arms and legs are so long.  
You are still a good night sleeper!  You sleep 6 or 7 hours straight most nights.  We have been to the cabin a few times, and you just go with it.  Thank you for being such an amazing little man!  I am so happy to have you and I love you so so so much!!!!

I love you with all of my heart!

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