Dear Charlie, 4 months old

Oh my handsome prince.  You are so awesome!  In some ways, you haven’t changed much over the last month, yet you have changed so much!  
Your weight gain slowed down over the last month – I’m not complaining, you are a hefty little guy weighing 16 pounds 9 ounces. 

I keep waiting for you to roll over from your back to your tummy but you just don’t want to.  You don’t like to be on your tummy much though, so that makes sense.  You get almost all the way over, then just stop and laugh.  Speaking of laughing, you laugh all the time!  Mister happy – that’s who you are.  You watch Maggie play and just laugh at her or smile.  It’s adorable. 

The instant somebody makes eye contact with you, you smile away.  You just love to interact.
You are also a drool face.  You chew nonstop – although you have done this pretty much since day 1.  I never remember to put a bib on you, so we have to change your shirt a few times a day to keep you dry.  Plus, you are a ralpher.  You spit up kind of often – usually all over mommy.  You can stop doing that if you want.

You sort of sit up.  You have sat in the exersaucer a few times.  You sat in a friends jumperoo one day and LOVED it!  Mommy is trying to get you one.   You love to sit up and look around though.  The vacuum is your favorite sound besides mommys voice.

You chew on everything and recently discovered those fantastic chubby little legs of yours.  Just the other day, you managed to get those little toes into your mouth.  You sure thought that was cool!

You are a big fan of me singing to you and you love reading books together.  When we sit and play the piano, you get the sweetest look on your face and the sound calms you down right away.  When you push the keys down you get so excited!

I love you little dude.  You are the coolest little guy I know and I am having so much fun watching you grow and learn.  


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