Dear Charlie, 6 months

Dear Charlie, 6 months

What?!!!  Six months have gone by already since I got to meet you face to face little man?  It blows my mind how much quicker time goes by with two kids.  I can’t believe you are already half a year old.  Don’t worry though, I will cope, although I want to hold you in my arms all of the time so I don’t miss anything.  

You are getting very mobile.  You are doing a great job sitting up now.  You still tip over sometimes, but you sit up for quite awhile, usually only toppling over when you reach for something.  You love to be sitting up so you can see more of the world around you.

You spin in circles when you are on your belly.  You are pushing up with your arms now and starting to lift your chest off the floor.  You have the world’s longest reach!!!  If you see something, no matter how far away I think it is, you manage to get it.  I have to be extra careful to be sure nothing gets left on the floor that you can’t have. 

You are a total chatterbox!  You just jabber all day long.  I love the sound of your voice and the drool that goes with it.  Hehe. So often, it sounds like you say hi.  I am trying really hard to teach you to say mama.

You had fun at Christmas, you loved to chew on the presents!

You are so incredibly amazing.  I love how you reach for me all the time.  And when you gobble on my chin, it makes me laugh every single time.  I love it though, I get to smell your sweet baby breath.  You laugh so hard at your silly sister.  You love when she plays with you.  Keep being awesome little man! 


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