Dear Charlie 7 and 8 months

Dear Charlie 7 and 8 months

I’m a terrible parent!  I forgot to write last months post.  I still love you little guy, I’m sorry I didn’t write about you last month.  You have learned a ton in the last few months.

Um, yeah, could you be any cuter!!! 

You are mobile now.  Very very mobile.  I’m scared, hehe.  You crawl everywhere and are pretty fast.  But you only crawl until you get to something you can pull yourself up on.  Then, you walk along everything.  Just the other day, you wouldn’t stay away from the tv.  I moved you all the way across the room, and as soon as I set you down, you took off for the tv.  Over and over.  I could tell that you were getting pretty tired.  You can stand yourself up in the middle of the room all by yourself – and immediately fall down.

You are talking a little bit.  Mamama, bababa, dadadada sometimes.  Gagagaga.  Mamama is my favorite, are you surprised?

You switch toys from one hand to the other.  You have figured out how to bang toys together in your hands or on the floor or table or whatever.  You love the noise it makes so much.  You love balls and you love to chase them.  If we are playing catch with Maggie, you chase the balls around and just giggle.

You have 6 teeth already.  You have also started loving food.  You weren’t too interested at first, but you love it now.  Any kind of food.  Whatever I give you, you will eat.  Especially meat.  You just shovel in the meat and potatoes, even though most of the time, you only get fruits and veggies.  You love the frozen peas, I dont’ know if it is the color or that they roll, but you sure have fun with them.

You are starting to take interest in the dogs, but mostly, you love to watch Maggie.  Peek a boo is your favorite game and you just smile when you see us, and get this serious, concerned look when we hide.  It’s so much fun to watch you play this game.  You love music so much.  You love when I play the piano, and if I have you in my arms and we are near it, you reach over and just play play play with the biggest grin.  You also crawl over to the little piano that Maggie got for Christmas and pull yourself up and play it.  I love the music you play! 

Having none of the noise at the bowling alley.

You get overwhelmed by a lot of activity or noise.  Crowds aren’t your thing.  You get overstimulated and can’t sleep, can’t focus to eat and only want mommy.  You are bashful, and when people look at you or talk to you, you hide your face in my chest.  You are so beautiful and smiley while you do it. 

You are starting to outgrow your 6-9 months clothes.  Now, I have to get you some shoes.  I don’t think it will be long before you start walking.  

You are still doing great using the potty and have control over your bladder.  When you do end up going in your diaper because I’m not paying attention, you get VERY mad.

You are sleeping better most of the time.  You sleep harder, that crawling and walking is a lot of work!  You tumble a lot and bonk that handsome little head of yours.  I just noticed yesterday that you chipped a tooth and I have no idea when that happened.

You LOVE paper.  The sound, the feel, the taste – yuck!  We have to be very careful because you stick everything in your mouth. You are now in a big boy convertible carseat.  I’m not sure if you like it any better, you still have a tendency to scream when you aren’t sleeping in the truck. 

I love you so very much my sweet, handsome, growing up way too fast boy.  I think you just read my thoughts because you are smiling in your sleep.  Keep being the amazing little guy that you are.  I’m enjoying every minute of watching you grow and learn.


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