Dear Charlie, 9 months

Dear Charlie, 9 months

9 months seems like such a milestone, I’m not sure why.  Maybe because so much is changing with you.  You are a super speedy crawler man.   You practically run along furniture.  I’m pretty sure the only reason you crawl is so you can pull yourself up on something.  Have I mentioned that you are fast?  Not only that, but you have grown again!  You can reach things that you sure couldn’t reach a short while ago.  This has meant a whole new level of baby proofing.  You are definitely more curious than Maggie.  You are an outlet chaser, if you see something plugged in, you unplug it.  You are still wearing 6-9 month clothes, but you are starting to outgrow them. 

You clap now and I love to watch you.  You also try to eat everybody!  Especially other babies.  This last week, you have opened up a little bit.  Usually when you see strangers, or we are in a large group, you won’t leave my arms.  You don’t even want to look at anybody else, but this week, you have been more outgoing.  You are also starting to get interested in the dogs more. 

I can’t even begin to express how much joy I get from watching you and Maggie interact.  You find each other so funny and you both end up laughing all of the time.  These bring some of my very favorite moments in life.

You love food.  Seriously love food.  All food is created equal in your eyes.  You haven’t turned down anything since you decided that you like food. You are starting to use just your thumb and finger to pick up your food now.   Then, you shove your whole hand in your mouth.  You gag yourself a lot.  I’m starting to be concerned because you are a chipmunk eater and stuff your cheeks full of food sometimes.

Daddy tells you no a lot because you are always trying to get into something, usually an outlet!  You stop, look at us, then smile and try to do it again.

I think your favorite games involve balls.  You roll them back and forth with me and it’s so much fun.  We play this a lot.  We also brought out the tunnel and you love to chase Maggie through that.

Your newest tricks involve using the walking toys to get around.  Most of the time, you start out walking, but when you fall, you just keep walking on your knees.  It cracks me up every time.  You are also standing alone more and more often, but only for a second or two.  Way to go little man!

You are starting to sleep a lot harder now, I guess you are wearing yourself out.  You like to nurse to sleep, but sometimes, you finish nursing and just snuggle up to me and then sleep.  That’s what we just finished doing and I love it so much.  Never stop snuggling me, please! 

I really could talk about you and all of your awesomeness.  I love you more and more every single day.  You are my best little guy.


Mommy 🙂

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