The Henry Diaries : 1 Month Old

My sweet little boy.  I sure am in love with you.  I kept asking you to not grow too fast like Maggie and Charlie did, but it seems that you didn’t listen.  I cannot believe how much you have changed already!  You are over 8 pounds of perfect now.  You seem to be adjusting quite nicely to this crazy, wild and fun house.  You are a perfect fit for our family and I am so glad to have you in my arms.  You have such a laid back personality.  Most days, you are such a happy little guy.  You like to sleep, and when awake, usually don’t last for more than a very short time before you are ready to sleep again.

Henry James

You may or may not have rolled over a few times.  I honestly am not sure.  I have seen the result of it twice, but haven’t seen you roll over yet.  Both times, either Maggie or Charlie were next to you and said they didn’t help you, but I’m not sure.  You are swatting at things now, not intentional, but Maggie and Charlie are convinced that you are trying to hold on to things.  You entertain Charlie so much.  He thinks it is hilarious if you touch him, and tells me about it every single time.


You are making sweet little coo-ing sounds now.  Honestly, it is the sweetest sound in the entire world and one that is so easily forgotten about until you hear it again.


You have this adorable little dimple in your right cheek and when you crack that elusive smile that I cannot seem to capture on camera, I get to see that.  It’s okay, be sneaky, I don’t mind.  I still get to see it.


Charlie is obsessed with your feet.  I hope you don’t mind that.  Every chance he gets he takes off your socks or unzips your swaddle to see, touch and hug your feet.  You, young man, are a very lucky guy.  You are loved by so many people and are smothered in hugs and kisses each and every day.


Today has been a tough one.  You have been screaming at me if I dare to set you down and now hold you the entire day.  I will treasure the closeness, because all too soon, you will be running around with your big sister and brother and won’t have time to snuggle up, so thanks for making sure we get in as many as we can.


You are getting pretty strong.  Today I noticed how well you were able to hold up your head.  You were just holding it up and looking around as we walked.  Strong little man.


My dearest sweet little Henry James, I love you more than words could say.  Looking at you and typing this, I am just oozing love for you.  You are so wonderful and I really am a lucky mama.

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