Decorating the kids’ room *My Wonderful Walls Review and Giveaway*

Decorating the kids’ room *My Wonderful Walls Review and Giveaway*

Fact:  We have lived in our house for almost 3 years.  We are finally starting to decorate. 
Now, don’t get me wrong, we have painted, but that was it.  No pictures, wall decorations, anything.  Well, that has ended.   We have finally decorated the kids’ jungle themed room.  Yay!  And we have My Wonderful Walls to thank for this.  
My Wonderful Walls was created by Michael Goins.  He also created many of the stencil kits and canvas artwork you’ll find here.  He’s a graphic artist and industrial designer based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee.   He is a bit like John in the aspect that he always has these ideas floating around in his head for a business.  Well, his wife agreed with one of them.    He had just finished hand painting a mural in his son’s room and knew that other parents would really enjoy doing this.  The problem is that most lack the artistic training and confidence.  Enter – mural stencil kit idea. 
 My Wonderful Walls is a small company, and if you give them a call, you are probably going to be talking to Michael or his wife and they like it that way.  When you order from them, know that it has been thoughtfully designed by them, carefully hand made by them, packed with affection and delivered to you with their personal seal of approval!   
At My Wonderful Walls, you can find wall stencil kits, stickers, or wall art for that special kid in your life.  I was super excited when they agreed to allow me to do a review!  The hard part now was picking what I wanted.  I so badly wanted to get something cute and girly for Maggie, like the Bugs and Blossoms sticker kit, or something fun and boyish for Charlie, like the Dinosaur sticker kit.  In the end, I went with the Jungle Safari wall stickers kit since they share a room and that’s the theme we have going right now. You can also purchase personalized signs or banners to match!   How fun is that, your kids will love it!  I didn’t think it would be fair to only have one kids name, so I wasn’t going to get it done, but they said they could do both names!     

 We had recently added some vinyl wall clings to our dining room and it was a bit difficult, so we were nervous that these would be difficult as well.  When they arrived, I was so excited, that of course I had to open it immediately!   I opened it up and realized that this was going to be much easier than my experience with the vinyl wall clings.  

First of all, this isn’t some small kit.  The wall mural kit includes 45 large fabric wall stickers!  They are all made from SafeCling fabric that won’t stretch or tear.  They are repositionable, reusable and layerable.  Knowing that, I was still curious, would they work that good or not?  Well, we put them up, and John is pretty artistic, and very much a perfectionist, so it seemed like it took him forever!  I can tell you, I would have had it done much faster!  These stickers were awesome!  They went up easily and stuck right away with no problems.  John layered the tree leaves with the branches and they all still stuck.  I love the handmade paper look of the stickers, and they have no white edges like some stickers do, so it really looks like it is painted on the wall.  
The stickers really are peel and stick.  No mess.  So, we got the stickers up, loved it, and had dinner.  Then, Maggie went to play.  John went up in her room to tell her to look at her awesome wall, and …..well, she had already looked at her wall.  And decided to rearrange the stickers.  She said, “Look daddy, I put the elephant down here.”  So.  I bet you are wondering if they really stick to the walls again, right?  Yep, they sure do.  We ended up with dog hair on some of them (we end up with dog hair on everything), and they are still sticking to the walls. 
We forgot to take a before picture!!!

As John was putting the stickers on the wall, I kept noticing all of the stickers in the kit.  The birds and flowers that I didn’t even notice when I pulled them all out to look at them, the clouds, the little things that made it much more realistic.

I love that there are so many, we could have decorated a bigger wall, or even 2 walls, but because of how much stuff is in their shared bedroom right now, we chose to do it this way.  But, because they are movable, we can change it if we decide to change their room!  

If you want to see more, check out these videos:
wall stickers:
wall stencils:
canvas wall art: 

Overall, we love our wall mural sticker kit from My Wonderful Walls and will probably get a few different ones when the kids have their own rooms.  If you are looking for some nursery wall art, be sure to visit My Wonderful Walls and get it done in style! 

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