Is There a Difference Between Cotton and Organic Cotton?

*Disclosure:  I received complimentary product for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.*


I remember the day we received Maggie’s seriously adorable dress from Nohi Kids.  I picked up the mail, opened the package and she saw her dress that she had picked out.  Suddenly, she starts changing clothes because she absolutely has to wear her new dress right away.  While she was searching through the options, I had a few that I loved, but she picked this out, and it was even cuter on her than it was in the pictures and turned out to be the perfect choice for her.  Oh yeah, and it arrived just before July 4th which was absolutely perfect!  I hope you enjoy the pictures because I caught her in a rare moment where she would actually pose for the camera instead of run from it.

Nohi Kids

Fast forward a few hours, and I was telling John all about how excited she was, and how I loved the dress, and that it was organic cotton.  He starts telling me how organic cotton isn’t any different than regular cotton.  It was all a gimmick to get people to spend more money.  Certain that he was wrong, I whipped out my friend Google and found some answers to give him.  Not going to lie here, within the first sentence or two, he shut up and changed his tune.  Organic Cotton v Conventional CottonThe gist of what I found, over and over, is this:

Conventional cotton farming uses more dangerous, cancer-causing pesticides than any other crop; organic cotton farming is based on a respect for people, animals, and the environment.


You can read more of that article at Living Green Mag.  Conventional cotton isn’t just exposed to chemicals and pesticides during the growing process.  It is also treated with dyes and other things during the processing of it.  Organic cotton is free from all of these chemicals and pesticides.  Even the dying process consists of eco friendly options.  It does cost more to grow organic cotton, but the effect on the environment is unbeatable.  Conventional cotton involves the use of not just many pesticides and insecticides, but also is grown with some of the most toxic of these.

Nohi KidsPersonally, I think that organic cotton actually feels softer than conventional cotton.  The one thing I have noticed, at least with Maggie’s Nohi Kids dress, is that it takes about twice as long to dry.  I am not sure if that is true of all organic cotton, or if it is more the style of dress she was wearing.  I love being able to provide more organic options for my family.  While we only have a select few items that are organic and eco friendly, small changes is where it all starts.

Nohi KidsSpeaking of the dress that she was wearing, you have to check out Nohi Kids.  Nohi Kids is a kids clothing line that carries eco friendly clothing for the little people in your life with sizes ranging from newborn up to 7/8.  I have fallen in love with Nohi Kids and their little girl dresses, and I’m not alone.  When Maggie wears this dress, she will ask me if people will love her pretty dress.  It’s adorable {the dress and the kid}.  The ruffled, layered look of this dress is so cute.


Buy it:  Right now, you can save up to 25% off of your Nohi Kids order with code thankyou25, so get shopping and let me know what you are getting for the little one in your life.


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Do you buy organic and eco friendly clothing for your family?  


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