Our Disney Live! adventure with princess and pirates

Anticipation is so fun!  I was so excited to take the kids to Disney Live!  I have some very vague memories of going to Disney on Ice as a kid and couldn’t wait to take these guys, even though I wasn’t sure if they would get into it yet or not.  Turns out, they did.


Disney Live Charlie 2Disney Live Charlie

Disney Live MaggieDisney Live Maggie 2

Maggie’s been so into pretty dresses lately and won’t wear anything else.  As soon as we got out of the truck, she started asking us where the princesses were, it was so cute.  And Charlie, well, I wish I could have really captured the look on his face once the show started.  He just stared, he was so into it, he just kept staring, didn’t blink at all!  Oh yeah, Maggie LOVED that the chairs went up and down.


Disney Live Princess and Pirate AdventureDisney Live Pirate and Princess Adventure PrincessesDisney Live Pirate and Princess AdventureDisney Live Pirate and Princess Adventure cast


I have to admit, I even got caught up in the story a little bit.  It was so much fun for all of us. I loved watching the kids get excited about certain parts of the show, like when they were flying.  I cannot wait to get to take them to another show like this!  Even today, Maggie keeps telling me about parts of the show.


*Disclosure:  I received tickets to the show in exchange for this post.  All opinions are 100% my own and only influenced by my experiences.*

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