Using Nature to Learn with this Alphabet Matching Game

I’ve been wanting to make this set of upper and lowercase alphabet matching rocks for Charlie for awhile now.  He is a little rock collector.  Wherever we go he has to scoop up some rocks to bring home.  I have no clue where his collection is at but he is sure proud of it.

Use rocks and markers or paint to make a matching upper and lower case letter learning game with rocks. Perfect for the rock loving kids in your life.

Making it is super easy and we had so much fun with it.  I picked up this big bag of river rock on a garage sale site, but you could even use the rocks your little ones collect to make it less costly.


Paint or write with marker.  I used these Liquid Chalk Markers from Crafty Croc because I thought they were awesome markers, but my original plan was to paint the alphabet on.  I wrote out the upper case letters and then the lower case letters.  Matching upper and lower case letter matching game using rocks. Your kids will have fun collecting them and they get to continue having fun learning with them.


We use the rocks for so many activities.  I am also putting stickers on some of them with an object that begins with that letter sound.  Maggie is also able to read some words on the rocks.  I think their favorite activity though is writing on the rocks themselves.


We also have a lot of fun using the rocks to form the letter shape.


What are your favorite ways to use nature for learning?  Do you have a rock lover who would have fun learning letters with this game?

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