DIY: Glitter Jar Decorations

DIY: Glitter Jar Decorations

I am a big fan of simple.  And things that don’t require a trip to the store.  Last year for New Years Eve, I created this simple glitter jar for us to keep our memories throughout the year in to open on New Years Eve.


As I was deciding what to make for Maggie’s birthday party decorations, I thought a birthday wish for Princess Maggie glitter jar would be perfect.  It would add just the right amount of color and be a fun keepsake for her.  Did I mention it was simple?

Glitter Jar Glitter Jar

Materials needed:

~Glass Jar



Glitter Jar


Coat the inside of the jar with glue, add the glitter and spread it around.  Let it dry.


Glitter Jar*Craft Tip*  I pour a small amount of glue in the jar and spread it around as much as I can by tipping the jar.  Then I use a paintbrush to spread out any globs or get spaces I missed.

*Idea*  Try adding multiple colors of glitter for a fun effect.

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