DIY Halloween Door Hanging + BOO Kit

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The kids and I are always trying to find fun ways to brighten somebody’s day.  Back in March we had a tornado go through our area.  We had really minimal damage but many of our neighbors were not that lucky.  The really odd thing about the tornado was that it was SO cold the next few days and it snowed.  Weird, right?!  Since I have three pretty young kids, going out and doing a ton of clean up in the area wasn’t going to go well.  We did help out for about twenty minutes, but that was it, the wind was crazy cold.  That didn’t stop us though, we wanted to do something for our neighbors and we did.  We baked up dozens of oatmeal cookies and batch after batch of chicken wild rice soup.  Then, still hot, we started driving around and making some deliveries.  Boy, were people happy to have a hot meal and some cookies.  Our farmer neighbors were especially thankful for it.  They finally moved back into their house this last month or so and we were planning on doing something for them.  We finally figured out what – a BOO kit!  We are so excited to be able to welcome them back to the neighborhood.  Plus, we are giving them a DIY Halloween door hanging so they can start decorating.  Let’s do Some Friendly Neighborhood BOO’ing!!


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DIY Halloween BOO Kit in a Coffin Box

Making the BOO kit was super fun!   I’ve been so busy lately and haven’t had time to craft so it felt so good to be able to work on something.  The Halloween door hanging is fun and simple to make so let’s get to it.



  • 1/2 inch plywood
  • Miter saw
  • Tape Measure
  • Twine
  • White chalk paint
  • Black chalk paint
  • Electronic cutting machine
  • Stencil vinyl
  • Transfer paper
  • Sander or sandpaper
  • Paintbrush
  • Clear sealant or wax
  • Something to draw lines with


To start with, measure out the size you want the door hangings to be.  Mine are about 12 x 5.5.  I drew the lines of the size I wanted, then cut.  {I’m lying, I didn’t, I actually had scraps to use from my bathroom pallet wall, so I used those, they were the perfect size.  BUT – you may have to actually cut them yourself}.

DIY Halloween Door Tag decor

Now on one end of each board, you will draw a line where you are going to cut to get the “tag” shape.  Cut a corner off of each board.

DIY Halloween Door Tag decor

Drill a hole through the center of the end you just cut.  This is where the twine will go to hang it at the end.

DIY Halloween Door Tag decor

Now the fun stuff.  Dry brush white paint over the entire board.  You can get kind of sloppy if you want, we will sand it a bit when it dries.  {Sometimes, I do a coat of black paint first, then sand it really well before adding the white.  This time, I didn’t because the wood had some dark spots already in it.}  When the paint dries, hit it with a sander.  You can sand as much or as little to get the look you want.


While the board is drying, you can work on your stencil.  Make sure you set your computer work space to the size your boards will be before cutting to be sure it fits.  I bought all of these designs online and added them onto the design the way I liked.  Cut and weed your stencil.  Be sure you are pulling out the part that you will be painting, leaving everything else so it looks like this.

DIY Halloween Door Tag decor

Now, apply your transfer tape and press it onto your wood tag {make sure the paint is dry}.  Press firmly across the entire design to be sure it will stick.  Then, remove your transfer tape, leaving only the stencil on the board.


Paint.  Using thin coats will help prevent bleeding of the design so you get crisp, clear letters and designs.  Repeat coats of paint until you are satisfied with the paint coverage.

DIY Halloween Door Tag decor

Remove the stencil while the design is still wet, taking care to not mess up the paint.  Allow to dry completely.


Tie a piece of twine through the hole you drilled to hang them on.

DIY Halloween Door Tag decor

Now that the decor is ready, let’s finish the BOO kit!  I looked hard to find a coffin box, but couldn’t find one anywhere so I took some cardboard I had from the tulle for my daughter’s 7th birthday party last week.  I cut it up and made a coffin out of it and it turned out so perfectly.  I spray painted it black and let it dry.  When it was dry, I spread out some cotton spiderweb stuff along the bottom and up around the edges of the coffin.Halloween Coffin Box

I added some black tissue paper to a few American Greetings gift bags and filled them up with MARS® Candy.  I placed the Halloween greeting card and the BOO card in the coffin box as well.  I added in the Halloween tag decor too.  Finally, I spread the spider web stuff around the coffin and into the gift bags.  I filled up some empty-ish spaces in the bottom with some Skittles® Original Fun Size and some SNICKERS® Fun Size.  Finally, I added some spiders and our BOO kit was all set.

DIY Halloween BOO Kit in a Coffin Box

I was able to pick up pretty much everything at once.  Looking for some more Halloween fun?  You can get the Spider-Man Homecoming DVD & Blu-Ray on October 17th at Walmart – hello movie night! Plus, this awesome bag of treats is only available at Walmart on a big display in the center aisle.


Let’s get BOO’ing!  What will your BOO kit look like?




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