DIY: Royal Silverware for Princess Party



I love preparing for parties, and this time I put the kids to work.  I wanted to make royal forks for Maggie’s birthday party and it was so easy, and you probably have the stuff to make it right in your art cupboard.


Materials needed:

~Gem stones, various colors and sizes.  I got a big container of them at Walmart awhile ago for art projects, so we just used what we had laying around.



~Paint Tray

Princess forks



~Dab glue onto fork

~Press gem onto glue dot.

~Let dry.

*Craft Tip* I prefer to put glue on a paint tray for the kids so they don’t make a huge mess with the bottle, and to keep them from covering the entire forks. They can use the paintbrushes to spread the glue around or place it where they want it.  Less mess and less waste.

Princess Party

Tada!  Simple, easy royal forks that any princess will be dying to use.  Maggie actually took a few and saved them to use over and over {or until the gems fell off} because she loved them so much.  And, the kids were proud to show off their hard work at the party.

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