DIY Wipe Clean Writing Practice Book

DIY Wipe Clean Writing Practice Book

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I had the hardest time coming up with a title.  What should I call these?  Writing books?  Tracing books?  Writing practice books?  Anywho – I made this for my daughter when she was like three, maybe four years old. I’m finally sharing it with you.  Here’s a really simple and fun way to get your kids to practice their handwriting with this DIY Wipe Clean Writing Practice Book.

Practice tracing letters, writing words or even spelling with this quick, DIY writing practice book.

You know those sentence strips?  Get a pack of those.  Whether the all white ones, some fun design or colored ones.  You will need some white cardstock {or colored cardstock}.  You will also need some twine or yarn, wallet size pictures of things or people and a laminator or contact paper and dry erase markers {these are my favorite.  They fit perfect in little hands and the cap is also an eraser}  and a hole punch.   Gather that and meet me back here – ready – go!


Okay, back with your supplies?  We made ours a picture and name book because my daughter loved writing names of family members.  Turn your cardstock horizontal.  Take a wallet size picture in the top corner.  Cut one of the sentence strips to fit across the top of the page.

Tape another sentence strip along the bottom of that cardstock.  If you want them to work on tracing, go ahead and write your word on it.  If not, leave it blank.  Tape it down.

Laminate or contact paper the entire page.  Repeat for each additional page.

Punch holes in the top or side using a hole punch.  String your yard or twine through and tie it in a knot.  Tada!  Your personal writing practice book.  Practice tracing letters, writing words or even spelling with this quick, DIY writing practice book.

Let your kiddos work on writing or tracing, even spelling.  Like I said, I made it a few years ago for Maggie and just recently found it again.  {By recently, I mean today}.  Charlie saw it and was so excited!  Seriously, teaching him is going so much better than I expected.  In preschool last year, he was dead set against tracing anything!  This year, he is excited to write things and practice his letters and numbers.  He got right to work writing names.  He’s doing great so far and erases it all and starts all over.  These are great for quiet time, car rides or just anytime.


What words will you put in your book?



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