Do More Than Capture the Memories, Display Them

We have lived here for 5 years now, and truth be told, I don’t have much on the walls yet.  By that I mean that I hung up a few things when we moved in and pretty much haven’t done anything else since.   My struggle always seems to be deciding which pictures to put up there, but I’ve decided I just have to do it.  I’m hoping you guys will help me decide.


I had first heard of Minted right before Christmas, and love some of their personalized gift ideas.  When I was contacted by them to see if I would be interested in writing about them for some minted credit, my answer, of course, was YES!  Since all of my brilliant and adorable ideas have yet to come to light, I figured I would pick out a few things to hang on the walls.  After all, I think my kids are adorable and I definitely want to show them off!  I want something to keep long term with pictures of the kids when they were babies.  I was checking out the photo gifts on minted and finally got it narrowed down to just 2, but man, they have some really cool designs.


I can’t decide which of these two I like better, Flourished Milestones or Baby’s First Year.  Which one do you guys prefer?

A:  Flourished Milestones


B:  Baby’s First YearMIN-1VO-GCP-007_A_APZ

I have the kids pictures taken every month through the first year, so I know I have some great shots of them all.

I do get sidetracked on the website because I love looking at all of the other stuff, you know, birthday invites or Christmas cards {because we all start looking at those in May, right?!}.  There are so many different choices and unique ideas that it takes me awhile.  That and maybe I have trouble committing to some things.


  What do you think, A or B?  How do you share your memories?  What are some of your favorites.

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