Don’t Let Your Health Care Plan Stress You Out

This post is sponsored by UnitedHealthcare but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Let’s face it – looking at health insurance information can be so overwhelming.  Doing it with three kids underfoot can bring even the strongest of moms to tears.  I mean, all of these definitions, terms, conditions, in network, out of network…..want me to keep going?   I come baring good news though.  Understanding your health care doesn’t have to be stressful.  Let me share why.

UnitedHealthcare Cares.  They want you to be prepared, be confident and understand your health care plan.  That’s why they have these three fun games going on right now to help you understand your health care plan.  Check them out:

Game 1:  UnitedHealthcare Health Facts

In this game, you answer three multiple choice questions for a chance to win $500.

Game 2:  UnitedHealthcare Perfect Match

This is a memory game with a twist.  Instead of identical matches, you are looking for a definition and explanation of a health care term.  You kind of race the clock to get the best score….I didn’t do so hot.  Check it out and see if you can beat my score…..of 0.  Guess what?!  When you are done – you can enter your information for a chance to win $500.

Game 3:  UnitedHealthcare Look & Learn

Watch a short video and answer the question that pops up along the way.  Answer the question and be entered to win $500.


Each of the three games gives you a chance to win $500 and a weekly prize of $100.  Each game only takes a minute and you get to gain some knowledge along the way, so go check them out by clicking on the links on each game name.  Good luck and maybe you’ll end up with a few extra bucks in your pocket.

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