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Did you hear that?!? It’s winter season knocking at our door again! Time to get our little ones ready and geared up for all those winter wonderland perks! Although, when the time comes to equip our children for those winter sports, our wallets aren’t always on the same page. Which gave me the idea of helping out a little. Making a Santa out of myself! And what better way than being generous with a giveaway event! And I would love for you to join this event like no other!

The “Gear Up Your Tots with Dynowear” giveaway is sponsored by Dynowear, a fantastic company that provides protective wear for the kiddos. Their products include cut resistant gloves, shirt with protective elbow padding, as well as pants with hip, tailbone and knee padding (as seen hereafter). I think it would be safe to say that any parent with an active child would be delighted to win such items. And that’s where this giveaway comes in! The “Gear Up Your Tots with Dynowear” Giveaway will award two winners with their very own choice between the three items, a value of up to 40$ each. The giveaway will be hosted from November 5th to the 19th and will be open to both Canadian and US residents.

With hosts S.O.S. Mom and Beth Ann & Jessica’s Helpful Savings, alongside co-hosts Mudpies and TiarasThe Howard HouseEverything by ChelseaHomeschooling Mom 4 Two, and Mommy of One & Counting, let’s all together make this giveaway a blast! Sign ups will take place from October 26th to November 2nd inclusively. As a thank you for being part of this event by posting and hosting the giveaway with the Rafflecopter form, you will be entitled to one free link between Facebook and Twitter. Want more links? No problem! You can add any other link (except for Google +) for only $1, to a maximum of three additional links. All moneys collected will go towards a second prize of a Paypal gift card. In the event where the collected funds do not suffice to sponsor a gift card, they will then be used to sponsor one of S.O.S. Mom’s next events. All entries must be paid via Paypal to melissa_campeau@hotmail.com.

On November 4th, you will be emailed the HTML and Rafflecopter codings for the giveaway. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for an email from Melissa S.O.S. Mom Campeau (check your junk box too!). Besides posting the giveaway, you are simply asked to promote it at least 3 times weekly via the social media channels of your choice!

Join the event by signing up here

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