Easy Ways to Green Your Kitchen

Easy Ways to Green Your Kitchen


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As a mom of three little ones 5 and under, I like easy.  I want to constantly do better, be better and set a great example.  I also like to find simple ways that the kids can be a part of our eco friendly living.  After all, if they grow up doing things in an eco-friendly way, that is going to follow them through life.  I wanted to share some simple ways we green our kitchen.   Are you a mom?  If you are, you can relate to the never ending, “I am hungry” when you are out and about.  I try to always keep something in my bag for them, but I have always hated wasting plastic baggies.  We have a variety of different reusable snack bags. 81KulnCyv2L._SL1500_On the same note – Eco Lunch Box containers are a daily favorite around here.  I love how durable they are and the kids love the sizes and convenience of them.61HrK1FkiML._SL1000_ We use cloth napkins for everything.  We almost never use paper towels or disposable napkins.  I’ll always remember the time their grandma was here and one of the kids spilled something.  Grandma went to grab an actual paper towel and the kids looked at her like she had two faces or something.  That’s how I knew what we are teaching them is really sticking! 3743Use a green cleaner.  There are different options.  When choosing a store bought eco friendly cleaner, always do your research first.  I choose to make my own cleaning solution using essential oils or Thieves cleaner.   I don’t even use floor cleaner now – I rely on my Shark steam mop to clean our floor without harsh chemicals. Invest in quality products that will last.  From kitchen utensils to the dishes and pans you are using, do your research.  Check out the reviews and then find what is best for your family. When it’s time to upgrade appliances, there are many energy efficient appliances on the market now.  These can save energy in different ways – having an oven that doesn’t require preheating saves you energy and time. Buy local – or in bulk.  By skipping the unnecessary packaging at the store by bringing your own containers – you create less waste.  Buying local helps cut down on shipping waste for foods while keeping your money in your community. B1-CzFHF3SS._SL1500_Get a water filter or water cooler.  But don’t stop there – use a refillable water bottle.  The kids and I all have a few different water bottles of our own that are used all of the time.  I would be so lost without our water cooler.  Every so often, John will bring home some plastic water bottles that he bought for the job site and I just cringe at the waste of it all.  

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  • I’m over from the Green Living link-up! Love your ideas. The one thing I haven’t taken on enough is our sandwich bag usage; we had bought some reusable ones back in the day, but they ended up relegated to storing other non-food items. I’m thinking I need to buy some in honor of Earth Day! Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thanks for joining in! We went through a period where we just forgot we had the bags. Everybody is so happy when we find them again.

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