EC: Listening and Understanding Baby

If you have been following my site, you know that I kind of, sort of, but not really tried EC with Maggie.  But, I really gave it a go with Charlie with tons of success.   Now, I am working with Henry on potty learning.  I wanted to get started from day 1, but I was sore!  I felt sore for awhile, so I just did what I could.  We delayed our elimination communication until I felt a little better.  Then we got started.  Learning to understand when he was letting me know he had to go potty was a bit tricky at first, especially because I am constantly distracted by his older siblings.  Before too long, we figured it out.  I learned to respond to his need to go potty before it happened.  We still only have a few days here and there that we get at least 50% of it in the potty, but with how crazy it gets around here, and the fact that he is only 11 weeks, that feels like a huge win.

Elimination Communication  Listening and Understanding baby

Learning to hold a newborn over the potty was interesting.  I finally settled on holding him against my chest but facing out, so I could support his head.  I hold him on his thighs, tell him he can go potty, and make the sss sound.  Now, if he has to go, he goes almost immediately when I hold him over the potty.


Figuring out his cues took a little more time, simply because of all of the distractions that come along with 3 little ones, a dog, and us.  He will be playing, probably quite happily, and just start fussing.  Not really cries, just little whimpers.  John didn’t believe me the other night when I was telling him that Henry had to go potty.  He kept saying, no, he wants to be by you.  I finally picked him up, took him into the bathroom and he went potty.


If you are just starting out and baby is fussing when you hold him over the potty, know that, in my experience at least, this is completely normal.  Both of the boys did this, and then they get really quiet and then go.  After they got use to it, the fussing stopped.  Elimination communication doesn’t have to be difficult or scary.  It feels amazing to know that even though he is so little, we can communicate and I can allow him to do what he needs to do without discomfort for him.


Do you practice EC with your little ones?  What are your biggest questions when considering this method with your babies?


  • This is so amazing to me! We haven’t tried it, but I have a friend who does and who has great success as well. I hope it’s still going well!

    • It is going fantastic. I wasn’t sure how well we would do these last few days with the garage sale going on, but the first day of the sale, he had a dry diaper for the entire day.

  • I have an older child, but he is non-verbal with special needs and still requires assistance on the potty. So many of these tips apply to my life as well, looking for cues, giving him time, etc. We slowly gain a little success with every passing day. Thank you for sharing!

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