ecoSTORE USA *Review*

ecoSTORE USA *Review*

 When I started using cloth diapers, it was to save money.  But…since then I have learned a lot and am working on using more natural, healthy, eco friendly products products in our home.  In my search for these types of things, I came across ecoSTORE USA and was given the opportunity to review a few of their products.  We chose to review the Baby Sleepytime Bath and the Coconut and Vanilla Body Wash.  I received these just before Charlie man was born, and while I was using the body wash, I started thinking….thank goodness there are no harsh chemicals in here – this stuff is going on my boobs….Charlie’s only source of food!
ecoSTORE USA provides safe, healthy alternatives to the brands you use every day.  They have the same great performance and value, but none of the bad stuff.  Starting in February 2012, they reduced prices from 25 – 50 % on their products!  ecoSTORE was founded in 1993 by Malcolm and Melanie in New Zealand.  They dreamed of creating a healthier, more sustainable world.  ecoSTORE USA believes that if there is any doubt about the safety of an ingredient for the environment or people’s health, they will search for a safer alternative.  Their mantra – NO NASTY CHEMICALS.
Because there is some research showing that the chemicals in our every day products could be a cause of the diseases and illnesses people, especially our children are suffering from; ecoSTORE USA wants to educate society on the benefits of using natural, chemical free products.
Using natural products is one of the reasons I wanted to try this, and I thought a great place to start would be with natural soap.  I have been lucky enough to not suffer from sensitive skin, so I can’t really say whether it is more gentle on your skin or not.  The coconut and vanilla body wash I used was great!  The scent was very subtle compared to many of the other (chemical filled) products I have used, but I could still smell it.  It suds up really well and I feel like it did a great job cleaning me and leaving my skin silky smooth.  It is very thin when it pours out – the first time I used it, I thought I had gotten water in the bottle, so be careful when you pour it so you don’t end up wasting it.  Because it is made from certified, organic essential oils, each time I used it, I kept thinking that it was keeping harmful chemicals from my sweet little babes when they nurse.
The Baby Sleepytime Bath is an aromatherapy blend of lavender and geranium and smells fantastic!  It softens the skin and relaxes baby to ease them into sleep.  I was really bummed when we finished this bottle of bath soap because I love it!  I definitely want some more of this.  I love that I can pour a capful of this into my kiddos bath water and know that they aren’t going to be sitting in chemical laden water.  I don’t have to worry about them splashing their bathwater in their face – or in my daughters case, she always has to drink some of it, silly girl! 
Each product they offer is made from plant and mineral bases and are free of toxic ingredients. 
Aside from bath and body products and baby products, they offer hair care products, household, and pet products.  I would really love to try some of their pet products, like the ear wash for our old dog and his stinky ears!  Or even some of their household cleaners.
If you are looking for a more natural, healthy alternative to what you have been using in your house, check out ecoSTORE USA and you will not be disappointed!  Right now, you can get free standard shipping in the Continental US on orders over $25.
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Do you use natural products around your house?  Are you looking for a better alternative to your daily brands?  
*Disclosure:  I received one or more of the above mentioned products free of charge.  All opinions are 100 % my own and only influenced by my own experiences with the products.*


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