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I love a treat as much as the next girl, and was hungrily anticipating the complimentary Fancy Fortune Cookies I was getting to review.  Customizing the fortune cookies to match our party idea was so much fun!

Fancy Fortune Cookie logo

I searched and searched through the site, but my favorite ones that would fit perfectly with our theme for Charlie’s Sesame Street birthday was right on the front page!  Chocolate dipped fortune cookies with m&m’s.  The m&m’s are just the right colors to go along with our party decorations.  Plus, I like to have something that makes it just a little different from every party you go to, it doesn’t hurt if it makes it even more fun!  Fancy Fortune Cookies do both!


There are so many options, you can get dipped in chocolate, colored chocolate, bling-y cookies, or even colored, flavored cookies themselves.  Looking for an extra fun birthday gift?  How about a giant fortune cookie!  I think this would be fun to get in the mail.  And speaking of mail, I wasn’t sure when I opened the package when it arrived, what I would find.  It was 90 degrees out, and the box had that “do not expose to heat” label.  Hmmm.  Well, I opened it up, there was an ice pack in there that was still a little bit chilly which was a good thing.  The real test now – checking out the cookies.  I’m happy to report, no melted chocolate!  Yay!  Each cookie arrives individually wrapped, making them a great gift for birthday parties, wedding celebrations, or even a corporate get together.  They can be personalized for any season or event.  The best part though, is that you can personalize the fortunes.  You can choose up to 5 different fortunes to be included in the cookies.  You can even add your logo if you want.  This would be a fun idea for me to do for open houses.  Want to know what our fortunes said?

Fancy Fortune Cookies, Our Piece of Earth

~Always wear a hat when feeding seagulls

~You are never too old to hug your mom

~You are never too old to hold your dads hand

~Never trust a dog to watch your food

~Always save room for dessert

All good advice don’t you think?  I can’t wait to think up some ideas for Maggie’s party in October!

I was looking for fortunes written from a little kids perspective and had a little help coming up with these, but it was fun!


Fancy Fortune Cookies started when owner, Mike Fry had a crummy cookie.  Dull, flavorless and a total letdown to him, he invested time, money and energy into developing the perfect fortune cookie.  Being a former clown, yes, clown, Mike knew the value of serving up entertainment.  Since 1988, he has continued to develop more unique flavors.  Using only the best, natural ingredients, with chocolate imported from Belgium, you will taste the quality in each bite.  They use grown in the USA wheat flour.  You won’t find any nasty high fructose corn syrup in these cookies.  Now, along with his wife Erin and daughter Ella, Fancy Fortune Cookies is a family owned business.  With a small team of only 12 people, you will likely get a response from Mike or Erin themselves, and in a phone call, you may even hear little miss Ella in the background.  Can you imagine the fun of growing up in a cookie factory?



Fancy Fortune Cookies really are amazing!  The shipping time is very fast!  And they are so delicious!  Delicious, as in…I may or may not have sat down and eaten at least 5 in a row.  Okay, so I didn’t sit down, I snuck around so I didn’t look like a piggy!  I love our Fancy Fortune Cookies and cannot wait to eat more of them!  They are such a great way to liven up any party.  My cousin kept eating the cookies trying to get all of the fortunes in them.


These were such a fun treat for the birthday party.  You can score coupon codes for discounts and get your own great cookies by visiting Fancy Fortune Cookies on Facebook.

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