Exciting Stuff

Exciting Stuff

So, I know I have been severely lacking on posting much of anything these last few months, especially personal stuff, so I thought I’d give you all a quick rundown on what’s been going on.


First of all, I’m not sure if you saw my Facebook post awhile back, but I became a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.  I am very excited about it, for a number of reasons I will cover in a post soon.  Aside from just being excited, I’m hoping to share some post on different oils and their many benefits and uses.  I’ve also started a Facebook page for my oils and would love for you to head on over and give me a “Like”.  So, if you have questions or want to order some oils because they are awesome, hit me up!  I would be thrilled to help you out.  Plus, just because I love you all, I figure we should have a few giveaways as well, right?  If you feel so inclined to head over to Young Living and order some things, I’d love for you to use me 🙂 My distributor number is 1658811.


Okay, so that is the first exciting news, but wait, there is more!


After spending about 6 straight weeks with a sick little boy {wishing all along I had started using oils sooner, instead of putting it off forever}, I got knocked down with the nasty cold he had too.  I spent two days unable to sit up on the couch, a third where sitting was all I could do.  Then, I was doing better, for the most part.  3 weeks later, I was still exhausted and sick to my stomach.  I figured, it was time to visit the doctor and see what was up, but first, did that thing that all women do before calling….took a pregnancy test even though I knew I wasn’t pregnant.  In all seriousness my friend, I know nothing!  I was, and am quite pregnant.  How exciting, right?  My mind was kind of reeling for days about it, not so sure why it came as such a shock to me, but it sure did.  So, I have spent the last 6 weeks battling the nausea and exhaustion.  While it is slowly getting a little better, I’m still pretty sleepy every day.  Our due date is October 12th.  That just so happens to be 3 days after Maggie’s birthday, and we have been planning on a big princess party for her this year, so I think we will be having her party in September just in case.  We have a girls name picked out still, which I may or may not share, haven’t decided just yet.  We have absolutely no clue what name we like if it is a boy.  If it is, I’m pretty sure we still won’t have a name picked out.  After finding a boys and girls name we like for both Maggie and Charlie, Charlie was still the only boys name we could agree on.

Ultrasound pictureHow am I feeling overall though?  Pretty good.  When I’m not at that exhausted point, I have a decent amount of energy, though it doesn’t always last long.  I try to get as much done as possible in the mornings because around 4 or so, it’s all down hill for me.  I haven’t felt the baby move yet, although, I’m not sure that is completely accurate.  I’m pretty sure that I have, but not to the point where I’m positive that that is what I am feeling.  I’m also quite a cranky lady at times.  It is annoying, even to me.  I’m usually pretty happy, so this is tough for me.  I get a little irritated at the kids sometimes, and not for any real good reason every time.  {Must use some other oils I’m planning to try}.


Today starts the 2nd trimester for us, and I can’t wait to start looking pregnant instead of just fat, although it’s a great excuse for the fat that just hasn’t gone away since having Charlie.  We will not be finding out the gender until baby arrives, we haven’t with either of the other two, and just can’t imagine knowing ahead of time.  Plus, to tie in with my first exciting news, I am planning a series of essential oils during pregnancy and delivery posts that I hope you will find useful.  My hips hurt quite a bit, which I remember happening after having Charlie.  I keep promising to start doing my prenatal yoga video every day, but still haven’t yet.

Baby #3 14 weeks

Okay, enough jabbering.  Here’s a picture of me from this morning.  Hoping I will get around to putting together all of the pictures I’ve taken since finding out.


In other news, this also means I will be getting a new vehicle.  I have an Envoy and really, really love it.  I will be a little sad to see it go, but even with the Diono, 3 across isn’t going to fit well in it.


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