Exploring Nature {Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linky}

Living out here in the country, we have plenty of opportunities to explore nature. There is no telling when we will look out the window and see deer or turkeys walking through our yard. Or, if we go outside at night, we may hear the coyotes howling. There are almost always cranes in the field across the street, and if we are lucky, we will catch a glimpse of the bald eagles.


Whether we are outside or inside, I love finding ways to make nature part of whatever we are doing.  One thing we love to do is paint with sticks, leaves, pinecones, rocks, whatever we find.  We always find fun things to see, touch and smell when we are out walking.  This is a deer carcass that we came across one day.  I thought it was pretty cool.  Charlie is always the first one to just dig into the dirt or grass.  We love to watch the ants and grasshoppers do their thing.

Exploring Nature, Tuesday's Toddler tales Exploring Nature, Tuesday's Toddler Tales Exploring Nature, Tuesday's Toddler Tales

Most days, Maggie and Charlie can be found covered in dirt from the days adventures.  Are your kids nature lovers?

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Each week we are linking up for Tuesday’s Toddler Tales.  This week’s topic is all about exploring nature.  Next weeks topic is how we beat the heat.  Ready to link up?


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