Fall Porch Decorating Made Easy

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My name is Shannon and I’m addicted to burlap.  Who’s with me?!  I really love to decorate and I REALLY love to decorate with burlap.  I have a stockpile of burlap that I pick up on clearance as I find it.  My favorite is the colored burlap.  I’ve been waiting to get my fall decorating done in time for Thanksgiving but I wasn’t sure it would happen.  I’m so in love with how it turned out.

fall-porch-pinIt was pretty simple to throw together, but adds just enough color and fun to make me happy sitting out there enjoying this amazing November weather.  I haven’t made a wreath in awhile, so I was excited to add a fun fall wreath to our door.  Making a burlap wreath is super easy and doesn’t even take thirty minutes!  I added in a touch of orange and clipped on some fun things that I was hoping would work on the wreath {and I LOVE them}.  I’m thinking if I wanted to, I could switch out the orange ribbon for a different color and clip on some new decorations and change it up for every holiday.  How fun would that be?  {Not a DIY type person?  You can order your fall decor on my Facebook page}I love how this fall wreath turned out. So simple to make and it looks beautiful.I love this squirrel. He fit perfectly on our fall burlap wreath.

My sister gave me this chair set as a thank you for watching her kids a lot a few years ago and I LOVE any reason to hang out in it.  It’s my favorite reading spot and this fall has been incredible for hanging out outside and reading.  My tassel blanket is perfect for covering up if it gets a little chilly outside.porch-chair-and-rug

The old milk can, a bucket of fall leaves and throw in a new doormat to replace our very worn out one, I was all set for the finishing touch.  The final touch is my kids’ favorite and it’s so much fun.  After all – who says Christmas lights are just for Christmas?!Fall decorating is so easy with this lighted burlap garland.

If you have never made lighted burlap garland, you are missing out.  It’s super easy, just a little time consuming. All you need is a roll or two of the colors you are using.fall-wreath-supplies

  • 3 – 15 foot rolls of regular burlap
  • 2 – 15 foot rolls of turquoise burlap
  • 2 – 15 foot rolls of orange burlap
  • 2  21.5 foot Christmas light strings

***My tip – do NOT buy the wired burlap for this project.  If you have some that has wired edges, you can actually go along the edge and cut the wire off.***


Now – our front porch has two pillars that are about seven foot high.  How long your light strands need to be and how much burlap will depend on how much area you are covering.


Begin by cutting the burlap into 1-2 inch strips.  If your hands get tired of the scissors you can take a break and do the next step.  Then come back and cut some more and repeat.


The next step decide on your pattern or lack of pattern.  I did burlap, turquoise, burlap, orange, repeat.  Tie a simple knot around the light string.  The lights I used, I did two knots in between each set of lights.  How many you put on will depend on how covered you want the light string to look.  Once I had the light strings tied completely, it was time to hang them up.command-outdoor-hooks


Our pillars are metal, and you can bet I wasn’t going to hammer or screw them on.  I am pretty sure I have a stockpile of Command™ Brand hooks already at home, but I didn’t know I could get outdoor ones!  Command™ Outdoor Light Clips are the perfect way to string up your holiday lights and you can leave them up and change your decorations as the year goes on.  I don’t have to ruin my pillars and I can keep changing up my decor.  When I’m done and want to remove them, it’s simple to take them down without leaving a mark on the house.  I can go effortlessly from fall decor to Christmas in no time at all.  I want to share just how simple they are to use.


The first thing you want to do is wash down the surfaces.  Once they are dry, take your hooks out.  Each of the white pieces has 2 sticky sides, each clearly labeled.  The blue side is to stick to the clip.  The white side is to stick to the surface.  Peel off the backings and press and hold the clip for 30 seconds each.  Let them hang for one hour before placing your lights on them.  My advice – start with this step.  Get them all set up and hung where you want them, then start cutting and tying.  Hang your lights without marking up the walls.When you are done and ready to hang your lighted burlap garland up, simply slip the Christmas lights into the Command™ Outdoor Light Clips.  Plus them in, step back and admire your work.Lighted burlap garland for fall decorating.


I was able to pick up everything I needed for our front porch when we were at Walmart.  They even have all of the Command™ Outdoor Light Clips and even indoor clips for other projects in the Christmas section.

What are your favorite ways to decorate for fall?



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