#FallFluff #GiveawayHop *Woolzies Dryer Balls Review*

#FallFluff #GiveawayHop *Woolzies Dryer Balls Review*

Have you been hearing all of the hype about Wool Dryer Balls and wondering just what the big deal is?  I have, so I was super – dee – duper excited to check these out!
Woolzies are  handmade 100 % pure wool balls that bounce around in your dryer replacing regular fabric softeners.  Each box of Woolzies contains 6 dryer balls which are enough for a small, medium or large load.  
What makes Woolzies so great?  First of all, they are 100 % eco friendly and do not contain the harsh chemicals that fabric softeners contain.  Even for somebody who may have a wool allergy, Woolzies are still beneficial.  Because they don’t directly touch skin and don’t shed, they won’t cause a reaction.  
Why switch to Woolzies?  Save money!  You won’t need to keep buying chemical filled dryer sheets AND Woolzies are guaranteed to last at least 1,000 loads.  Plus, many dryer liquids and sheets contain chemicals that can destroy the fire retardant qualities in clothing.  Woolzies contain no chemicals, so they are good for the earth too!
How do Woolzies work?  They bounce around in the dryer separating and create space between the laundry allowing the air to circulate better.  Because of this, you cut down on dryer time by 25 % – 40 % saving time and money!  That is a bonus for any mama out there!  Plus, that space helps to reduce static, eliminate wrinkles, save energy  and soften your laundry.  Oh yeah, and another bonus for me, they are cloth diaper safe! 
You may ask, wouldn’t tennis balls or something similar be just as effective?  No!  They aren’t.  They are made of harsh chemicals which are dangerous to your health, toxic to the environment, and can damage your dryer’s electronic sensors.  They could also melt or cause fabric staining.  
I had heard a lot of hype about dryer balls, so when I had the opportunity to try them, I was excited.  I was not disappointed.   John thought I was crazy, but he always complains that we don’t have fabric softener because of the cloth diapers. At first when we started using them, he didn’t think there was a difference, but as we continued using them, he noticed his clothes were softer and not static-y. 
To use the dryer balls, I simply toss all 6 of them into the dryer with my laundry. 

They do their bounce around job – but do they really work?

Well, normally, my cloth diapers take 110 minutes to dry – (I have a lot of AIO’s right now!) I use a low heat on them because I don’t want the high heat on my diapers.  Using the Woolzies dryer balls, I was able to cut my drying time down to 85 minutes for a reduction in dryer time of 23%.

When using them on my clothes, especially when I have sheets or baby blankets in the load, I do not notice static anymore.  In the event that using the dryer balls isn’t reducing static cling, you can roll up a piece of regular kitchen aluminum foil into a ball about the size of one of the Woolzies and placing it in the dryer with the dryer balls will help to reduce static cling even more.

If you prefer your laundry have a scent and that is making you hesitate making the switch to dryer balls, you can sprinkle a few drops of pure essential oils  onto the Woolzies dryer balls. 

If I haven’t given you enough reasons to try these out, they are handmade (with love) in Nepal from New Zealand wool. They claim to be noise free, and for the most part, they are.  There are a few times I can hear a ball thump in the dryer, but that is usually at night when the house is so very quiet. 

To give you an idea of size, a Woolzies dryer ball and a Women’s softball

This is what my Woolzies look like after using them every single day for about 2 months. I have no doubt they will continue doing their job for at least 1,000 loads.

As you can see, the Woolzies hold up extremely well!  They do not shed at all.  The only downfall I have been able to find with Woolzies dryer balls is that I sometimes have to pull them out of a shirt when I fold it because they get tangled.  Oh yeah, and my daughter steals them to throw for the dog! 

If you haven’t given Woolzies a shot yet, I recommend taking the plunge!  You will love them.  You can have static free clothes that are soft, eliminate wrinkles, reduce drying time and save energy!  Go ahead – try some, I will even give you the link to get some!  Okay, okay, I will give you a chance to win some too! (Insert cheers here)


Your chance to win some starts September 1st along with tons of other prizes for the #FallFluff #GiveawayHop

Good luck!

*I received this package of Woolzies dryer balls free for the purpose of this review.  That did not alter my opinions and all thoughts are original and are my own.*


  • Now that I have a newborn, I’ve been doing diaper laundry every other day. I don’t mind it though, laundry is actually my favorite chore! I’d love to try the dryer balls.

  • I love having dryer balls in the dryer – though visitors think we are always drying sneakers with the noise! But it’s worth it for the sped up drying time.

    In fact, I don’t hear thumping, it must be time to get the laundry!

  • I would love to win these for tons of reasons- mainly, I’m trying to be more green, so these would cut down on drying time and they’re not full of chemicals like my current plastic dryer balls! Hope to get some of these when I have a little extra cash lying around. 🙂

  • I have a hate/hate relationship with laundry. I don’t like sorting, washing, folding or hanging anything. DH does all the clothes and linen laundry in our house. I literally only wash the cloth diapers and he does everything else. For our family of 7. Yes, ladies, it’s true. That’s half the reason I love him LOL

  • I am doing more laundry now with two in diapers, and I love to be able to line dry as much laundry as possible, but in the winter when it’s too cold to hang outside, I hate dealing with static from drying in the dryer. The savings in cost and time in the dryer with these would be awesome!

  • I’ve entered several giveaways for dryer balls in the hope that by the time winter hits I’ll have a working dryer again! I’m excited about the anti-static properties. Here in very dry CO static is a huge problem, especially in the winter!

  • I have some home-made dryer balls and they appear to make a difference. However, mine keep unraveling– I just can’t seem to get the felting process right. Some ‘real’ ones like these would be awesome!

  • I recently stopped using fabric softner and dryer sheets after I learned how awful they are for you and these would be great to help with static and cut down on drying time!

  • i hand wash all my son’s diapers..it is a labor of love..we stopped using fabric softeners and non eco friendly detergents about 6 months ago and my family’s skin is so much happier for it. i’d love to try dryer balls!

  • i love the idea of sprinkling the dryer balls with essential oils!! i’ve never been able to figure out a proper dryer sachet that really worked, but these would be perfect!!
    i love to line dry clothes (now that i figured out the secret to not having crunchy towels- dry in the dryer for 10-15 minutes first before hanging), but would love some of these to help with the crunch & make things soft, and to lessen drying time!! awesome! thanks for the review! 🙂

  • I have been drooling over wool dryer balls for a while now. I entered every single giveaway I could find! I love that they are natural and help reduce your dry time. We do at least 6 loads a week (3 regular and 3 diaper loads). Of course we add sheets once every other week, so there’s another. I don’t mind doing the laundry, but my Husband hates how I separate. He usually does it all. He’s not a happy camper since he injured himself and I am in charge ; ) Only a few more weeks and he’ll be back to taking care of business.

  • Cloth diaper laundry is the only laundry that I don’t mind to do. It’s kind of relaxing and I feel like I’m doing something for my LO.

  • right now i have 4 wool dryer balls and i love them! i will never go back to dryer sheets! two of mine are becoming very ratty and linty so i would love to win these to replace them!

  • I am so glad to have moved away from dryer sheets(DH, not so much!). I have gotten so sensitive to all of the artificial scents put in everything these days. I feel good about it, though, because it makes me feel like my body is finally getting through to me on what is and is not good for me. Jamie Urbanawiz

  • I do have a love hate relationship with laundry! I don’t mind the washing and drying part, it is the putting it away that gets me. Love my wool dryer balls and could always use more!

  • I would love to try dryer balls! Cutting any time out of laundry is going to be huge since baby #2 will be here soon laundry is just going to keep growing!

  • These look awesome Shannon! I haven’t tried dryer balls yet, but I think I’m going to have to invest now that the winter is coming and it will be static-season. We can’t use dryer sheets because of our cloth diapers (although, I really wouldn’t want to anyway. they are carcinogennic. yikes!) Thanks for another great giveaway! =)

  • I love the act of hanging the diapers outside! Weird but I think it reminds me of when I was little and washed my baby doll clothes LOL! I would love to win these to use on all my laundry as we no longer use dryer sheets!

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