Father’s Day fun {+Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linkup}

What dad doesn’t love to celebrate Father’s Day, right?  John is a big coffee drinker, so I helped the kids put their handprints on a travel coffee mug for him.  They both had fun with it, although, Charlie just made a smudge out of his, he was not going to sit still.  A few weeks ago, we stopped at the grocery store and I saw this bird feeder that looks like a motorcycle boot, it just screamed John’s name, so we gave him that too.  He even knew about it, but forgot all about it.  As soon as the kids woke up, they grabbed the bag of presents for him and jumped on him to wake him up.  He was very surprised!

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Since it was nice out, we headed out for a beach day with my family to finish our Father’s Day celebration.  All of the dad’s on my side of the family were there.  Lots of grilled food and goodies, some games, and some water fun.


Toddler Tuesday
Each week, we are linking up for Tuesday’s Toddler Tales with a different topic each week.  This week we are sharing our Father’s Day Fun.  Next week’s topic, Sibling Love/Rivalry.


How did your family celebrate Father’s Day?


    • I kind of got a bit busy last week and still haven’t posted last weeks yet. Then I realized that I had no more blog hop topics listed. Let me know if you have some ideas for topics in the future too.

  • Sounds like a great day. We kept fathers day pretty low key this year but I think next year I will have more energy to plan something more. We had a 3 year old, 2 year old, and a 4 month old this last fathers day and mommy wasn’t getting much sleep:)

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