First Snow

Well, yesterday was our first snowfall of the year.  I don’t know the official total and I haven’t measured, but I believe we are around the 10 inch mark.  With the snow drifts, we have some spots with snow up to my waist.  I went out to wipe off the satellite dish and wiped out, it was pretty funny since it was just me.  Henry enjoyed his first snow by sleeping in the sling all bundled up with mommy so he stayed warm and cozy.  Maggie and Charlie had a blast and were so excited from the second they woke up.  Maggie has been waiting and waiting for it to snow and kept asking why it hadn’t snowed yet, so she is very happy about it.


Today our neighbor stopped by and plowed the driveway for us {super appreciative of this}.  Charlie watched out the window crying because he wanted to go walk in the snow again and thought the neighbor was going to make it all disappear.

First Snow 1 First Snow 2

Even though they kept falling because the snow was so deep, they sure had fun and so did I.  Nothing beats enjoying the first snowfall of the year with your kids.


If you want to see all of our first snow pictures, be sure to follow me on Instagram.


Did it snow where you live?  Were you able to get out and enjoy it?


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