#FluffyButtsHop Sweet Bobbins *Review*

Say hello to one of our fabulous sponsors – Angela and Rene from
 Angela was kind enough to send me a wetbag and wipes to review.  I will tell you, they are adorable!  

Angela and Rene run Sweet Bobbins out of their homes.  They are both WAHM’s – Angela to a busy 4 year old daughter and Rene to 3 teenagers.  Sweet Bobbins is a family owned and operated shop run by cousins living on opposite coasts.  There are a ton of phone calls and a few meet ups throughout the year, which always include shopping for new fabrics.

Both Rene and Angela make all of the items in the shop, while Angela’s husband Michael is the “Snap King.”  If it needs a snap – he’s on the job.  Angela and Rene both grew up around sewing and have lots of experience.  They have found that their skills and knowledge go great together and they love sewing and creating new items for a living.
All fabrics are Pre Washed in free and clear soap so they are pre-shrunk.  They do this to ensure the products wash well and look fantastic even after several uses. 

I love this wetbag.  I can assure you, this one has become my favorite and I am always bummed when it is dirty.  I only own one other wetbag that doesn’t ever leak, so this was a big plus for me.  Most of the wetbags I own soak up the wetness and leave wet spots in my diaper bag or wherever the wetbag is.  Another thing I love about this bag is the adorable print.  When asked if I had a preference, I said, girl, gender neutral or animal prints.  My daughter is an animal freak and loves talking to the birds.  The other thing I love love love about this bag is the handle that snaps so I can hook it onto the stroller or whatever else.  We also used this out on the boat so it was nice to snap it to something so it didn’t blow out.  The bag also sealed in the smell quite well.  There were a few times when we had an extremely stinky diaper in there that you could smell a whiff of it if you stuck your nose into the diaper bag, but unless you got right up to it, you never noticed the smell at all.  Have I mentioned that this is my favorite wetbag ever!

Now, onto the wipes.  Aren’t they so adorable?!  I am in love with these wipes.  The prints are so cute. We don’t get to use them all that often on Maggie’s little tush though because she always steals them to wash her baby or her face.  She loves to play with them because they are so soft and the prints are so cute.  They wash up nicely and don’t stain (which makes me happy, I would be so sad if they got ruined because they are adorable).  They are a good size wipe to use.  When storing them, I fold them in half and they fit perfectly in to the wipe container.  I like the thickness (or thinness, depending on how you want to look at it).  They clean up the messes very easily and don’t take up a ton of space.  I know I am a bit weird, but I know many of you can relate……these are the wipes I always take with us on the go so that IF somebody should see if changing her diaper or wiping her face, they will see how cute the wipes are.  After many washes, they don’t look pilly and aren’t rough on the hands, face, or toosh. 
I love the wetbag and wipes I received from Angela at Sweet Bobbins.  These are some of my favorites and I can’t wait until John gives me the go ahead to buy more diaper stuff so I can get some more of these wipes and maybe another wetbag too.  
Besides wetbags and wipes, Sweet Bobbins carries camera straps and key fobs, flat diapers, bibs, blankets, nursing covers and pads, crib sheets and a yoga / gym size wetbag.  They do custom orders as well.  
Please show them some love by stopping by the Etsy shop and checking out the fabulous products from Sweet Bobbins! 
And be sure to check out their facebook page so you don’t miss out on anything!
Want a chance to win your choice of a wet bag or wipes?  Head on over to #FluffyButtsHop for your chance!


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