#FluffyXmas Sponsor spotlight *Diapers By Chris*

#FluffyXmas Sponsor spotlight *Diapers By Chris*

Are you getting excited for Christmas?  I sure am – and I’m excited to bring you the second sponsor spotlight for Merry Fluffy Christmas – I mean, who doesn’t love to win some fluff?!  Diapers by Chris was generous enough to send me a diaper to review in a cute Christmas print – yay!!!

Just who is behind Diapers by Chris you ask?  Well…Chris decided she wanted to use cloth diapers while she was pregnant.  She hated the idea of disposable diapers floating around in a landfill forever and didn’t want to add to that problem.  She is a member of several mommy boards and cloth diaper boards and was trying to get as much information as possible about cloth diapers.  When her daughter was born, she purchased several for her to use while she was small.  During that time, she was also looking at patterns and took an interest in sewing the diapers herself.  She starting sewing and got several done and was hooked!  Others began asking for diapers and that’s how it started.  She has enjoyed sewing for her daughter and creating custom diapers for others.  She works hard to keep her fabric stash updated so customers can choose their favorites and create the diaper they will enjoy for many years.
Most of the diapers you will find at Diapers by Chris are AI2’s and fitteds, but she also makes pockets and AIO’s and hybrid fitteds once in awhile, or by request. 
Now, many WAHM’s have another job as well, and so does Chris.  One that I think is pretty interesting.  She drives a log truck!  How cool is that!  She drove up until 3 weeks before she had her daughter, and now is driving again.  The part she hates is leaving her little girl.

The diaper I received is a cheerful reindeer Christmas pattern featuring reindeer, Christmas trees and holly leaves.  It’s a one size, AI2 diaper.  AI2-All in two because there is a cover and the insert lays in for quick and easy diaper changes.  The diaper is a woven cotton outer print with a hidden inner layer of PUL.  The inside is made from a wicking jersey material.  There are a few things that make this diaper unlike any other I own.  The wicking jersey is the first.  I like how trim this diaper is – much more trim than some diapers with fleece inners.  The insert is actually 2 inserts, each with a double layer of Organic Bamboo Fleece (OBF) topped with luscious cotton velour sewn together.  These diapers dry really quickly because the diaper cover and inserts are separate and since the inserts are sewn together instead of one thicker insert, it dries quicker.
The second thing that makes this diaper different than any other diapers I own, is the wing snaps.  Some diapers have 2, 3, or even 4 snaps on each wing.  Most of the diapers I own with 3 snaps on each wing have two on top and one on the bottom.  This diaper is opposite, with 2 snaps on the bottom and 1 on the top.  I was a little unsure of this when I saw it, but when we used it, we got such a great fit.  The double rows of snaps across the front of the diaper aren’t lined up directly on top of each other, the top row is shifted just a little, and not on accident.  It’s designed that way to be in line with the wing snaps.  Because of the placement of all of the snaps, getting a great fit is easy.  I have found this to be one of the best fitting diapers across Charlie’s waist.  That top snap being more towards the center of the diaper than the bottom pulls the waist more snugly around baby.  That’s where I tend to get leaks with some diapers on Charlie, but never on this one.
The inserts look thin, and I wondered if they would be absorbent, but we didn’t have leaks with this on either Charlie or Maggie.  We didn’t use it overnight on Charlie though since I will only use a fitted on him.
There is gentle elastic around the thighs and on the back of this diaper.  I loved that I never had to worry about whether or not he was going to leak up the back (especially when he’s in the jumperoo).  The elastic helped create a great fit.

There are 3 rise settings on this diaper and it is designed to fit from 12-35 pounds, possibly larger.  I wish I had this diaper sooner, I am curious if it would have fit him even before 12 pounds.  The design of the elastic around the legs makes me think that it possibly would, especially on my chunkier little guy.  *I did ask Chris about the size range to be sure, and she also mentioned that a mom told her that her 11 pounder was able to wear the diaper with no problems.*

I love this diaper, and yes, even after Christmas, I will still be using this diaper year round.  

Are you ready to shop?  Chris has so many different choices to allow customers to be sure they get exactly what they are looking for.  You can get wicking jersey, crushed panne, or suedecloth inners.  The outer may be cotton with hidden PUL or with PUL outers and a choice of inner fabric.  Chris has since changed her insert design to a petal type soaker with 3 layers of OBF in the bottom petal and 2 layers of OBF topped with cotton velour on the top petal.  You will have the option of snap in or lay in soakers.  With all of these choices – you will have fun designing your own diaper! 

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Be sure to check out Diapers By Chris.  Which diaper is your favorite?

*Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned diaper for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100 % my own and only influenced by my experience with the product and owner.*


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