DIY Construction Worker Survival Kit w/ FREE Printables

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I know you read a lot about the kids and have “met” Maggie, Charlie and Henry.  You get to read all about my thoughts and opinions and whatever I have crafted or cooked up recently.  You might wonder if there is a dad.  Well, yes.  There is.  When we first met, John worked out of state for 2-3 weeks at a time.  When Maggie was born, he was still gone that long at a time so I’ve always been use to parenting by myself.  Now, 3 kids later, he has a different job doing the same sort of thing.  He has a long commute each day and love hours but he is home every night.

Looking for a gift idea for that guy in your life?  Why not make a fun DIY Construction Worker Survival Kit with FREE printables.

Periodically throughout his day he will call me.  He will complain about any number of things – waking up late, forgetting his coffee, hitting something at work {that is never good and usually results in people losing power, internet, etc.}, or how hungry and frustrated he is on his drive home.  He is truly one of those people who get HANGRY.  Do you get hangry?  Take the SNICKERS® quiz and see who you are when you are hungry.


He does utility work and gets to drive all of those fun construction vehicles.  I thought that maybe if we created a construction worker survival kit to get him through work and his drive home that maybe he would be in a little better mood.  It was easy to make and we made it using things we had around the house.  Then we added in some of his favorite treats – SNICKERS®.  You have no idea how many times I have told him – “Hungry?  Grab a SNICKERS®”  Find out how we made the kit below and get the FREE printable labels to make your own.

Looking for a gift idea for that guy in your life?  Why not make a fun DIY Construction Worker Survival Kit with FREE printables.

Find a container.  We used an old pencil box because they were the perfect size and he could still fit it into his cooler on super hot days.

Supplies CWSK

Print out these labels and cut them out.  Stick them to your container.  I cut them out on vinyl so I could just stick them to the container but you could do it with paper and glue as well.

FREE printable Construction Worker Survival Kit words. FREE printable construction vehicle

Stock up on SNICKERS® regular size bars at Walmart.  Seriously, packed with roasted peanuts, nougat, caramel and milk chocolate who doesn’t want a stockpile of these?


Print out these labels.  Cut them apart and wrap them around each SNICKERS® bar, securing each one with tape.

FREE printable tags for construction worker survival kit.

Place them into the pencil box and send them with your favorite construction worker.

Wrapped bar

Now, I have to share this story with you.  As I was sitting here trying to decide what each of the wraps would say, John called me on his way home from work.  He said that it was a rough day because they hit a gas line which means they have to call the fire department and whatever else they had to do, plus, the boss guys just get mad.  When he got home and I showed him his survival kit, I had left the “hit a gas line” one on top.  He was not entertained.  I told him it was funny.  He said it was too hot to be funny.  I told him there was a SNICKERS® bar for that.  Clearly I am funny.  He didn’t think so.  I asked him if I should have included extra toilet paper in the kit.  Again, he didn’t find me funny.  He should eat a SNICKERS®.

Looking for a gift idea for that guy in your life?  Why not make a fun DIY Construction Worker Survival Kit with FREE printables.

John w survival kitAnyways, in spite of his lack of humor when I showed him, he loves having his survival kit.  You can make one for your favorite construction worker {or really anybody} and it only costs a few dollars to make it.  Who will you make a construction worker survival kit for?  Did you take the quiz yet?  Do it now and let me know who you are when you are hungry.  I am a GOOFBALL.  Fitting, don’t you think?!






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