#FromBellyToBaby *Carseat Canopy Whole Caboodle*

Another exciting sponsor for the #FromBellyToBaby event – Carseat Canopy!

The Carseat Canopy Whole Caboodle comes complete with:
-Minky Slipcover
– Minky Head Support Pillow

– Baby Lap Blanket with Minky Underside
– Replacement Umbrella with Minky Underside

– Carseat Canopy with Minky Inside and 100 % Cotton Outer

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pattern we chose!  It’s red and brown and absolutely adorable.  And the minky is so soft and luxurious!  This is the Eastwood print.  Shop now and check out the fantastic and adorable prints.

The Carseat Canopy Whole Caboodle fits most makes and models of car seats (car seat not included).

When you take your precious little newborn home, maybe you decide you need a new look on your carseat.  What you have no longer fits your little ones personality.  Or maybe you have the problem where that little bundle of joy has explosive poops from all that delicious breastmilk and it gets out of their clothes and onto the carseat.  (Can you tell we have had this problem a few times?)  Boy is it nice to have an extra cover with matching accessories so I don’t have to be stuck at home until the cover is clean. Plus, if you have a girl and get a cutesie girly carseat, you can simply buy the Whole Caboodle in a different print if you have a boy next and don’t want to stick him in a girly seat instead of having to buy a new carseat. 

And…the Whole Caboodle is very easy to use.  The hardest part is adjusting the carseat straps, which you would have to do anyways to take the cover off and clean it.  Just remove the carseat cover that is currently on the carseat.  Replace it with the Carseat Canopy Whole Caboodle cover which slips on very easily.  Just pull the caboodle cover over the seat and put the straps through.  Then switch out the umbrella, which is extremely simple on our carseat.  Add in the matching head support pillow.  Velcro on the canopy, and cover baby with the lap blanket.  All done!  Here is the finished product on our car seat.

2 thick velcro straps hold the canopy on

I liked having the Whole Caboodle for many reasons.  One, it’s nice having an extra so no matter which one is on, I can always change it if it’s dirty or I want a change.  Second, I love the canopy.  It’s been very sunny out here in Minnesota, and it’s hard to position a blanket over the carseat and have it stay in place.  The umbrella itself can only block out the sun in one direction.  Third, I LOVE the lap blanket.  It is super cute and soft.  We use this all the time.  I always wonder about whether he is too hot or too cold in the car, especially right now when I have the air conditioner on when we are driving but I want to be sure his little legs stay warm.  This blanket is the perfect size.  As you can see, Charlie loves the Whole Caboodle too!  
The first time we used the whole caboodle, the slipcover wouldn’t stay in place – the upper corner kept slipping off.  I am not sure what I did differently when I put it on the next time, but in all of the times I have used it since, it hasn’t slipped down once, so I think I just didn’t have it on correctly.  
There are two slots to adjust the straps on the car seat slipcover.

The opening for the buckle is wide enough to accomodate many different size buckles.  The buckle on our carseat would slip under the fabric between uses though, and we would have to dig it out.  Not a big deal, but an observation. 
I was worried that the fabric would be too hot for the summer, especially since it has been so hot.  It doesn’t seem to be as hot as I thought.  I just keep the canopy flipped up when I don’t need it blocking out the sun.  
Overall, I love having our Carseat Canopy Whole Caboodle!  We have used it a ton.  This time of year, it is great to have also.  If we are out some place where there are a ton of people and he is asleep, I can flip the cover down to block out light, noise and GERMS!  I am not a germaphobe at all, but the kids and I are all really sick right now, and I am thinking of this as an added bonus for the Carseat Canopy Whole Caboodle.  
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Aren’t these awesome!  I bet you want one, don’t you?!  Click on shop above and get one right now!  Otherwise, keep watching, there just may be a giveaway coming very, very soon.  In the meantime, checkout the prints and let me know which one you LOVE!  Don’t you think one of these would be pretty handy?  Especially with winter coming!
*I received the Whole Caboodle for the sole purpose of this review.  That did not influence my review and the thoughts and opinions are my own.  Thank you to Carseat Canopy.* 


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