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For somebody just getting started with cloth diapers or starting to browse before taking the plunge, one of the best places to get information and be able to compare diapers may just be a one stop shop type of store.  These types of stores carry a wide variety of diaper brands as well as the different types of diapers available.  One of these stores is Kissed By The Moon.

What is Kissed by the Moon and who is behind it? 
 Tami is the amazing owner behind Kissed by the Moon.  She began cloth diapering her daughter in 2006 and realized that cloth diapers are easy to use, great for the planet and irresistibly cute as well as being cheaper than using disposables.  She had wanted to open an online store for several years, but it took losing her teaching job to get her going with it.  Tami lives in Elk Grove, California with her husband, two kiddos and two little kitties enjoying things like picking produce from the garden, baking, going on bike rides and spending time together. 
 Now, what is Kissed by the Moon?
Kissed by the Moon is more than just a cloth diaper store.  It is also a natural parenting store carrying baby carriers, natural teething accessories, mama pampering, bed and bath, outdoor, natural toys and so much more!.  Plus, they have the fun Mystery Fluff bundles to add a bit of surprise to your fluffy mail.  You are sure to find what you are looking for!
Tami was kind enough to participate in From Belly To Baby  newborn event and agreed to send me a FuzziBunz XS to review on my little Charlie man.  Now, I will be honest, I was leary about using the FuzziBunz XS on my newborn.  I don’t even have a reason why, but it was never on my radar to try out which surprised me because I love our Fuzzibunz One Size and Fuzzibunz Perfect size diapers.  We received the brown Fuzzibunz and fell in love right away!
Fuzzibunz Perfect size diapers come in four different sizes, XS, S, M, and L.   The XS diaper came with one newborn microfiber insert.  
This is one of the trimmest newborn diapers we have!  They are designed to fit from 4 – 12 pounds.  We didn’t have this diaper from day 1, but we began using it as soon as we received it.  I loved the great fit that we got every single time we used it.  It was able to hold up to his EBF poo and keep it all inside  –  yay!  I love how simple it is to use. Just slide in the insert and snap on baby.  
I love that the insert actually fits from seam to seam, especially between the legs.  I have some where there is a bit of a gap between the edge of the insert and the seam on the diaper, and this causes leaks.  With the Fuzzibunz XS,  we didn’t have any leaks at all.  We were even able to use this for naps or long car rides.  
For nighttime, I added a hemp doubler and we were able to make it through the night.  
 The elastic at the back and legs ensures a snug fit every time. 
The pocket of this diaper is fairly narrow to stuff and I don’t think big old daddy hands would fit in there very well.  I was able to stuff the diaper with the extra doubler quite easily.  However, I do realize there isn’t much you can do about that because newborn diapers are smaller so having an extra large opening wouldn’t work for this diaper.  
Most of my diapers are pocket diapers, but this is the only newborn pocket diaper we have.  I love this pocket diaper because it dries really fast.   The downside to using a pocket diaper is that you have to un-stuff the insert before washing it. 
I wouldn’t mind if the diaper had crossover snaps to fit extra teeny waists, but I think the diaper is still small enough to fit those babies.  We would not have used them with Charlie, but the option would be nice.  
The 2 snaps on each wing make this diaper fit and stay in place.  However, as baby gets bigger, you can’t expand the waist as much as I would like because of the hip snap that would end up digging into babies skin.  If there was a cover for the back snap, the diaper would have fit Charlie longer, but it still easily fit through 12 pounds even with his chubby belly.  
With only one row of snaps, the diaper is really daddy friendly – as long as you don’t make him stuff it!  
There is no snap down for the umbilical cord stump, so that may be an issue for some people.  Both of our kids lost their stump within a week, so it was never an issue for us.  
Overall, I LOVE this diaper.  It was definitely one of my go to diapers.  I love Fuzzibunz and the XS newborn sized diaper is no different.  They have a great selection of colors, good quality and you know you can count on them to do their job. 
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*I received this diaper from Kissed by the Moon for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100 % my own and only influenced by my experience with the store and product.  This post contains affiliate links.  I do not receive compensation if you click the links, only if you purchase through them.  However, I appreciate if you do because that helps keep my blog going.*


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